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18 Countries to See in 2018

18 Countries to See in 2018

18 Countries to visit in 2018

18 Travel Recommendations for 2018

  • United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates or commonly known as the UAE has topped the list of top travel destinations for quite a few years. The lure of the countries luxe, fantasy, and mystic keeps travelers coming year after year. In addition to the top destinations of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, explore a little wider to visit the areas of Hatta, Sir Bani Yas, and Delma Island.

Top 10 Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

Indian Food in Abu Dhabi

Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Things to Do in Dubai

Miracle Garden Dubai

  • Spain

Spain always carries such an abundance of travel charm. With varying moods in destinations like Madrid, the ever popular Barcelona, and gorgeous sets in Ibiza, Spain ranks high among many travelers.

  • Tanzania

Tanzania is located in East Africa and is fondly known for its pristine beaches in Zanzibar and vast wilderness including The Serengeti and Kilimanjaro National Parks. In addition to the great number of natural espaces, many travelers aspire to spend time among the graceful at Giraffe Manor.

Things to Do in Zanzibar

Hotels in Zanzibar

  • Hong Kong

Simply put, Hong Kong is a majestic location. Whether you’re enamoured by the towering skyscrapers and stunning backdrops, add Hong Kong as a place to visit in 2018.

  • Australia

Australia, both a beloved country and continent is known for its rugged outback, beaches along the eastern coast, art scenes in Melbourne, and the city of Sydney, a dream travel destination.

Hosier Lane in Melbourne

Great Ocean Road in Australia

  • Mexico

Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Acapulco, and Tijuana are common favorites with visiting our southern friends in Mexico. In addition to these great destinations, travelers often explore Mexico City, and the colorful Guanajuato.

  • Jordan

Jordan, officially named The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is an Arab Nation nestled between Saudi Arabia to the east and Israel to the West. When I think of Jordan, the majestic city of Petra comes to mind. Though Jordan has to much more to offer, it is its famous archaeological site that draws travelers from around the world. Other sites to visit while visiting Jordan are: Siq, Ad Deir, Little Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, and Mount Nebo.

  • Egypt

The grand history surrounding The Great Pyramids of Giza entices travelers and historians to make the trek to the country that bridges N. Africa and the Middle East. Egypts ancient history is key to the world’s foundation and build. While exploring the many cities within this N. African country, travelers will experience the greatness of African History. Cities to explore in Egypt are Giza, Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, and Hurghada.

Pictures of Egypt

Kempinski Nile Hotel, Cairo, Egypt

  • The Netherlands

The Netherlands, also known as Hollard, is known for its rich Dutch culture, the noted capital of Amsterdam, and the glorious countrysides outlined with sprawling fields, windmills, tulips, and cheese farms. When in the Netherlands, many add the Anne Frank House, Rotterdam, and the Van Gogh Museum as places to see.

Amsterdam’s Sex Museum

Amsterdam’s Sex Museum Review

Pictures of Amsterdam

Dutch Countryside

  • France

France is the home of a lovely romance language, historic cities, posh southern coasts, and the beloved Paris. Don’t stop with Paris, explore the full bounds of France in cities like Lyon, Marseille, Cannes, Calais, Versaille, and Saint-Malo.

Travel to Paris

  • Singapore

Southeast Asia is a favorite travel destination for many from all walks of life. The close proximity of many countries makes the area attractive for country hopping. When on a hopping trek, make plans to stop by the tropical city-state of Singapore. Singapore is known for its diversity, blended cultures, and remarkable beauty. One thing to note about Singapore is it is far more costly than other southeastern asian countries.

Things to Do in Singapore

Nice Hotels in Singapore

  • Kenya

The beautiful African country of Kenya attracts many travelers because of its unspoiled nature and vast wildlife. Accessing Kenya, through its capital of Nairobi, affords travelers an opportunity explore its urban core before scheduled safaris. Travelers are encouraged to engage with Kenya tribes: Kikuya, Luhya, Kamba, and most noted Maasi.

  • Bermuda

The subtropical country of Bermuda is commonly associated with sci-fi tales and associated with the “Devil’s Triangle”. However, the beautiful country Bermuda is attractive for travelers because of its pristine beaches, colorful architecture, easiness to navigate, and exclusive feel.

  • Sri Lanka

Located in the vast Indian Ocean, the island country of Sri Lanka is known for its diverse landscapes, bustling core of Colombo, lush, green countrysides, and ancient Buddhist ruins. Popular tourist destinations include: Kandy, Galle, Sigiriya, and Colombo.

People of Sri Lanka

Things to Do in Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Nepal

Nepal doesn’t top the popular tourist destinations like it’s continent neighbors in East Asia, however this South Asian destination offers delightful points for discovery. Nestled within this landlocked country are Kathmandu, Pokhara, Patan, and Mt. Everest (tucked between Nepal and Tibet). Things to do in Nepal: trekking, panoramic flight over the Himalayas, visit Chitwan National Park, sightseeing in Kathmandu, Mount Everest Helicopter Tour, or visit the Pashupatinath Temple.

  • Namibia

Located in Southwest Africa, Namibia attracts travelers because of ecotourism, wildlife, and unspoiled areas. Popular destinations in Namibia include Windhoek for its gorgeous skyline, Walvis Bay for its tidal lagoon, and coastal city of Swakopmund for the National Marine Aquarium, Kristall Galerie, Snake Park, and the Swakopmund Museum. Other things to do while visiting the country of Namibia are the Namib Desert, Big Daddy Dune, Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon, and Twyfelfontein.

  • Morocco

Boarding the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, the African-Arab Country of Morocco showcases a marriage of Berber (African), Arabian, and European Influences. Travelers visit destinations in Morocco for its rich cultural history, warm climates, and access to affordable luxury. Most frequently visit cities in Morocco include Rabat; the capital, Marrakech, Casablanca, Taroudant, Tangier, and a host of others.

  • Italy

Known for romance, sexiness, food, and influential history, Italy commonly tops the list for places to visit. Whether you’ve visiting the northern areas near Milan or the southern island of Sicily, things to do in Italy are in abundance.

Lovers in Italy

Walking Tour Palermo

18 Travel Destinations for 2018

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