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2015 Travel Word: Luxury

By January 13, 2015April 20th, 2017Archives, Travel + Culture



I had an awesome year of travel in 2014. I touched the ground of 14 countries and numerous cities throughout the world. I trotted throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and my beloved North America. I saw everything from quaint towns along the Rhine Valley to the posh streets of Singapore. During my reflective period, the 7 hour layover in Sri Lanka from Singapore, I decided that 2015 should have a focus or a theme if you will.

As I scarfed down street food in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, I thought about doing a street food tour throughout SE Asia. Then, I became a bit weary because of the airline tragedies that struck the area this year. While I know unfortunate tragedies can happen anywhere, I just felt a bit uncomfortable.

So, I switched gears.

Within a few weeks, Habibti and I are going to the Maldives for my birthday. Yes, it’s a few weeks after (yesterday) but the time off from work just didn’t coincide. Back to the Maldives; the ultimate luxury destination in all of Asia. Therefore, since the first travel experience of the year will begin with luxury, I’ve decided to keep the theme throughout the year.

Travel Word of 2015: Luxury

In addition to the Maldives, my intended stops are Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, and Zanzibar.

I’m taking it easy on the destinations this year because I want to focus on completing a research project as well as developing Reginia Cordell Designs.

So, you’ll see more luxe, resorts, and relaxation in Reginia’s 2015 travel.

Have you been to or thought about going to any of these places?

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