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25 Writing Prompts for Independent Authors Who Blog

By February 1, 2017May 19th, 2017Blog + Business


Maximizing your online presence as an independent author is essential for sales. Face it, the old link drops all over social media, pitching the libraries, and setting up stands outside of Wal-Mart is just not enough. Readers need more than your texts alone, they want on-going engagement. They want more of your work and if you expect to make big sales and reach greater audiences, employ the use of consistent blog posts to keep the fire under your words.

…but Reginia, you ask

What do I write about without giving away the story?

…no worries love, I got you.

I got you sis…


Here’s what I have for you..

25 Writing Prompts for Authors Who Blog

  1. Off-spring of the main character’s conflict; i.e. commitment issues, social problems, mental illness,
  2. Aligning social issues
  3. Aligning current events
  4. Tour of the main setting (rooms, homes, specific location)
  5. Create a tour guide of the book’s city setting (non-fiction delivery)
  6. Write a letter of advice to the main character
  7. Write a letter of to the protagonist
  8. Write a gated spoiler (opportunity to build your email list)
  9. Share three Instagram related pictures or quotes
  10. Share three to five related photos on Pinterest
  11. Write a short story to introduce an alternative love interest or villain
  12. Write a short dialog between you and the main character
  13. Dialog with the villain to support or scold him
  14. Create a shopping or To Do List for the main character (perfect opportunity to add affiliate links)
  15. Write a poem to one of the characters
  16. Create a playlist for the book
  17. Create a video for Youtube (use royalty free music in order to monetize) 
  18. Expose your character’s profession in depth (non-fiction)
  19. Create a gift list for your character’s accomplishments (another opportunity to add affiliate links)
  20. Introduce someone from the character’s past who is not in the story
  21. Present a letter from the main character to you asking why are they in the given situation
  22. Describe one of the characters in great deal (opportunity to add affiliate links)
  23. Invite a group of characters on a lunch date; describe the dialog (add affiliate links)
  24. Allow your character to take a political stance
  25. Describe how history influenced this novel

As always, you may share with your readers the ideas that encouraged this novel. Don’t forget affiliate links to create additional revenue and non-fiction posts to increase writing authority.


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