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3 Tips For Becoming a Successful Independent Author

By September 28, 2016August 14th, 2021Blog + Business

Becoming an independent author is fairly easy but becoming a successful independent author takes strategy. Below are three easy tips that involve finesses, sweat equity, and some time online. When these strategies are properly executed, the transition from a budding unknown to a familiar name with abundant cash flow becomes the reality.


  1. Use Social Media

Being an independent author means that you are the brains and fuel of your books. Specifically, you are responsible from the content, cover creations, and most importantly marking. Using social media as the main vehicle is not only genius, it’s cost effective. Meaning, if you have a computer and internet connections, your toe is on the pulse of social media marketing. Now, here’s where things often go left. I’ve seen it time and again. Independent author’s sign up for every social media platform, create a basic profile, add links to their books, and run. Let me the second person to tell you that the “link & run” strategy does not work, but you know that already because engagement and sales are low. Am I right? Sure, I am.

Social media strategy and promotion involves knowing your target audience, understanding which platforms they frequent, determining how to engage them naturally, and positioning your product like Rolls Royce. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are excellent spaces for independent author’s because visuals and graphics can be connected to your content.

Social media content not only involves your book, it revolves around topics and solutions to themes found within your book. Develop questions or use stimulating photos to engage audiences. Create topics that are thought provoking and encourage sharing.

The value of social media includes keying in on your target audience, engaging them within their preferred online locations, being consistent, once a day isn’t enough, good looking graphics, and authentic responses.

2. Maximize Your Expertise

Many of us were born writers. It is something that is a natural, God-given talent. I’m sure our commonality is that we were told by someone, “writers don’t make real money, go get a real job and write on the side”. This commentary could have come from a family member, teacher, or a meaningless Joe along the way. Regardless of it was who steered us off our path, we gained expertise in other areas. Use this expertise to enhance your writing platform. Because I’m requiring that you engage on social media daily, delve into topics that you know well. This strategy is a win: it engages broader audiences, and gives your voice authority. Authority translates into sales.

3. Create a “House” for Your Readers

Your readers should be able to find you in your online house, you know, your online real estate. If you do not have a professional website, get one immediately. You can purchase your domain from Go Daddy or something similar, get a self-hosted website, you’ll need hosting, and either purchase a template or have a custom website made. If you have this already, fantastic, also include a place for your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Yes, I’m asking you to create a newsletter too, it’s a part of your independent author’s house. Just imagine if Facebook, Instagram, or your prefer social media platform disappeared, how would your readers reach you?

That email list…

genius right!

Let’s recap:

  • Use Social Media
  • Maximize Your Expertise
  • Create a “House” for Your Readers

Now that you have theses tasks to complete, get busy and come back to share your success.

Watch that cash flow.

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