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5 Simple Changes to Update Your Website

By March 22, 2017May 22nd, 2017Blog + Business



1.  Font РAre your current font combinations complementary to one another, if not, research complementing font combinations in order to add a quick website change.

2. Color – When your website was first designed, you may have opted for loud, bold colors and over time your content matured. Therefore, a simple color change will give your website the simple update that it needs. Research colors that resonate with your target audience or the audience that you would like to attract then make those changes to your site as well as your graphics.

3. Side Panel – The side panel of your blog is prime digital real estate. It is a place where you may list reader opt-ins, digital products, or clickable images to order tangible products and services. A well-styled side panel increases revenue for ecommerce bloggers by 48%.

4. Header – Prior to knowing better and honing my image, I had all types of DIY Headers with mix-matched fonts, standard colors, and manipulated images from whatever the web search served me. Please don’t do that. Get a properly designed header with the correct image size, and coordinating fonts. A simple header change will give your site the update that you’ve longed for.

5. Featured images – When I began blogging in 2007,¬† I had the given Blogger design with the option to change a few colors. Since then, I’ve migrated to self-hosted WordPress, gone through quite a few theme changes, and now have a theme that supports featured images. If you’ve followed a similar path or have dated photos, refreshing¬† your featured images does wonders for your site.

Enlist these 5 Simple Changes to give your website the image change that it needs.

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