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5 Things You Could Be Doing Instead of Worrying About Gabby Douglas’ Hair

By August 8, 2016April 20th, 2017Editor's Note

It seems that the internet is all in a damn roar again about Gabby Douglas’ Hair. You see, these internet biddies have their soiled panties in a bunch about what they deem as unkempt edges and Z-list weave.

Chile cheese..

and no.

like MF no.

If you’re fixin’ your fat greasy fingers to say any damn thing except, “Good fuckin’ job Gabby, you’re tumbling the shit out of everything in Rio” shut the entire hell up.

Stop worrying about GabbyLook, this young lady has a daily training schedule that would have me good for a month, y’all too, has stellar accomplishments, and is competing with the US Olympic Team, and y’all are worrying about the neatness of her hair.

Absolute foolishness.

Z-list banter even.


Here’s an opportunity to edify yourselves.

If you don’t know what that means,

Here’s a chance for you to check yourself for worrying about something so trite and petty.

Here’s a list of 5 Things You Could be Doing Instead of Worrying About Gabby Douglas’ Hair.

  1. Check your own ratty ass weave. I’ve seen your pictures on Twitter and whoa, please lend some grease and gel for the cause.
  2. Exercise… because if you can’t flip like Gabby, get to the gym.
  3. Read a book on sisterhood or self help, perhaps even something for enjoyment like Linden Avenue.
  4. Talk to your parents to figure out who allowed you to be so damn wayward.
  5. Cheer Gabby on because she did the damn thing.

Y’all good now.

I hope so.


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