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5 Ways to Earn Money by Blogging

By September 12, 2016April 20th, 2017Blog + Business


5 Ways to Earn Money by Blogging

Blogging is a social media platform that has revolutionized journalism, marketing, and avenues to earn livable incomes. Because this medium is exceptionally diverse and accessible to to those with access to the internet, it has become one of the fastest growing digital outlets around.  The ease of creating a blog entices many to strike publish with the hopes of becoming the next digital star and earning cash along the way. Though creating a blog is relatively easy these days, corralling engaged audiences can be tricky. However, once you’ve mastered the ever changing algorithms of social sharing outlets, coupled with an engaged audience, you can earn money by blogging, and lots of it.

Below is a quick list of ways to earn money by blogging:

  1. Sponsored posts and opportunities

Above, I mentioned corralling engaged audiences. You want to know why? It’s a pretty big deal. When you partner with brands, they want to know that you have the voice of influence to encourage others to buy their products. Your voice + your influence = cash. Keep in mind, the sponsors want a return on their investment (“ROI”), you and your voice, so authenticity is key. This does not work with purchased followers.

2. Publishing Networks

There are several publishing networks for blogger to join. These networks pair bloggers with campaigns, or you pitch campaigns, to share on your blog and social media channels. Some of these campaigns have a flat paid fee or fluctuating fees based on your level of influence.

3. Digital Products and Services

This year has been the year of life coaches, branding coaches, and digital strategies. You’ve seen them across the internet and social media vowing to teach you how to make money. If you’re like them and have a unique strategy for earning income, increase influence, or simply want to teach people how to blog, create a digital product or eCourse to add value to these audiences.

Other digital products can include: eBooks, workbooks, or printables.

4. Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are unique links with your ID, through registration, that leads your audience to purchase a product based on your use or recommendation. These are usually pay-per-action behaviors and can be found by joining associations such as Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, or LinkShare. There a host of associations to join. Some require specific influence and minimum following requirements.

5. Ads

Ads are one of the original methods bloggers used to make money. Through it’s not heavily promoted or recommended now, bloggers with great influence may earn sizable profits from ad revenue.

Overall, earning money by blogging is a realistic expectation. Understanding your target audience and your amount of influence helps to position your authority and increases opportunities for partnerships.

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