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7 Cities that Inspire Poetry and Writing

By November 23, 2017January 4th, 2018Travel + Culture

Perhaps this post is inspired by creativity or by one of my favorite 80s dramatic series, Murder She Wrote, so I can’t go another day containing my love forĀ 7 Cities That Inspire Poetry and Writing.

…dramatic much, Reginia?

Yes, just a bit.

but hey, I love writing just as much as I love travel so when the two intersect, my life is in total bliss.

Complete bliss.

7 Cities That Inspire Poetry and Writing




Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands is romantically known for its narrow, alluring streets, artistic charm, captivating heritage, and canal system that carries both drifters and dreams. The narrow houses, outdoor cafes, and noted Red Light District awake senses in both the fictional and historic writers.


Prague, “the city of a hundred spires” is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague is known for its rich European culture, Old Town Square, baroque styled buildings, Gothic influences, and the famous medieval Astronomical Clock. Writers inspired by classic European Architecture would leave with beautifully penned stories.

New York

New York City is commonly known as the greatest city on the planet. It is a city with worldwide representations, a vastly exciting food scene, and the ability to access it all through the transit systems. Writers inspired by movement, sounds, and culture should take a visit to this dynamic city.

Washington, DC

Urban, political, and classic describe the Nation’s Capital. Writer’s with a political or historic story to tell will be inspired by the vibrations of “DC”. While in the city, stop by one of the amazing museums, monuments, or dining establishments.



Lisbon, Portugal’s coastal, capital city draws fellow Europeans and travelers alike because of its vibrant colors, proximity to beaches, maritime history, nightlife, and fresh seafood. Writers inspired by visual stimulus, hipster essence, and whiffs of salt water will leave with pads of noted occurrences and tales of passion.

Chefchaouen, Morocco (Blue City)


Simply stated, the “Blue City” is stunningly picturesque. The blue hued stone walls hold historical tales and secrets of Moroccan people. Local’s eyes follow tourist as they step into the world holding wonder and richness. Chefchaouen is located inland from Tangier and Tetouan. The city officially dates to 1471 with noted life far before then.

Writers inspired by Islam, North African, and Arab-African cultures will be inspired here.

Hong Kong


Hong Kong will stimulate all of your senses. It is a vibrant, electric city located just outside southeastern China. Hong Kong is densely populated thus bustling and considered a major financial hub.

Writers inspired by East Asian culture and historic Orient will be inspired by travel here.

In addition to Hong Kong’s impressive skyline and cityscapes, travelers are attracted to Hong Kong because of it’s easier visa processes in comparison to mainland China.


Whether your writing inspires travel or travel inspires writing, these are the 7 cities that inspires writing and poetry for me.

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