Who is Reginia Cordell?

I’m a former teacher with 23+ years experience in public and international education, who ditched lesson planning, micro-management, toxic positivity, and recess duty for skillful instructional design and research that helps business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs earn handsomely by leveraging their expertise.

When education reform and every educator were left behind, Reginia Cordell, former teacher and school administrator, set for new paths in expert blogging, photography, traveling, and turning chaos into best sellers.
Since writing in third person about yourself is slightly odd, I’ll save you and myself the agony of doing so.

That’s alright with y’all right?


After 23+ plus years in education, now over 40, I’ve sharpen my sarcasm and wit through opinion writing, peppering it with hints of southern charm, to share experiences about culture, workplace chaos, living abroad, and dining out.

I live, watch people, tell stories, and make multi-millions doing so.

Along the way, I’ve interviewed A-list R&B artists, celebrity chefs, and one of the most loved detectives from First 48. In addition to teaching and blogging, I create courses, digital products, and delve into fiction writing. I’m the author of Linden Avenue and highly anticipated novellas, Around the Water Cooler and Who is Kallie Mae?.

In addition to my witty blog posts and stellar photography, I’m a serial entrepreneur which may be what led you here. I own several companies including a multimedia group, consulting practice, research/technology project management firm,  publishing, and shockingly to many, one of the leading adult entertainment clubs in Metro Atlanta.

I’m the creator of the highly sought after course, Course Evolution. Course Evolution teaches creatives how to position themselves as business owners while being the face of their brands. Course Evolution opens four times per year, use the link below to be added to our waitlist.


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Reginia Cordell


1. I blog.

2. I write stories.

3. I take pictures.

4. I create content for others.

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“When life serves 1 million thoughts a minute, the only solution is becoming a writer”, Reginia Cordell.