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Abu Dhabi’s American Themed Diner, U-Turn

By October 15, 2016October 16th, 2021Travel + Culture

Because I’ve had burgers on six continents, I fancy myself a bit of a burger guru of the sorts.

If you enjoy dining out or consider yourself a foodie, Abu Dhabi is definitely a city to have your needs met. There are hundreds of restaurants in the city with new cafes, cafeterias, and restaurants opening weekly. It’s usually by word of mouth that I find these great gems, and it was a colleague who told me about this fabulous place to get burgers in Abu Dhabi. It was U-turn Diner, Abu Dhabi’s American Themed Diner.




After chatting with my colleague about this new find, I headed over to their Instagram account to see what their menu looked like. I must admit that the food in the pictures looked quite appetizing, so that increased my desire to get there and take a bite of everything I’d fancied on their feed.



Pepperoni Cheese Fries: We had them and ooo, they are heavenly. The starter includes standard steak fries topped with melted nacho cheese and seared beef pepperoni. If you’re in for a snack, this dish alone is enough to fill you up. Because of this, we only had a few and saved the rest for leftovers. This is recommended for those who truly enjoy cheese dishes. Habibi isn’t much of a cheese fan, so he didn’t enjoy them as much as I did. You could ask for the cheese on the side.



Street style burger:¬†Habibi had this monster burger! As you can see, it’s quite the burger. It comes with a generous beef patty, grilled to your specification, then it’s topped with egg, beef bacon, mozzarella sticks, extra coleslaw, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

May I tell you that I was a bit jealous when his burger arrived. Seeing all the extras, particularly the mozzarella sticks, I felt that I’d made the wrong burger choice. I sat there jealous for a few until my burger arrived.


Beef, mushroom melt burger: The mushroom melt comes with your choice of a beef or chicken patty. The beef patty can be made to your liking, I requested medium-well with no pink. Each of the burger entree also comes with a side of coleslaw, pickle, and streak fries.



I know you’re wondering about this.

…I did as well.

It’s one of the main reasons we tried U-Turn Diner.

So, here are the deets. This is the Cloud Nine Milkshake.


Habibi and I visited during the week, I believe on a Tuesday or Wednesday just after the lunch rush, perhaps about 2:00 pm. The restaurant was not busy at that time, so we got immediate seating, and prompt service. All of the servers were attentive and professional as with the other staff members that we chatted with.


Abu Dhabi’s U-Turn Diner is recommended as a place to get a quality burger. The servings are large, well-seasoned, and can be made to the patron’s liking. If you’re going to try a few things on the menu, we suggest that starters, burgers, and desserts are shared as the servings are quite plentiful. Their menu have a number of offerings from breakfast, platters, chicken sandwiches, kid’s meals, and a host of burger options. Because we both we quite satisfied with our burger choices, the Street Style Burger and the Beef Mushroom Melt, those come recommended. I’d probably try the Street Style for myself the next time. One note, the Cloud Nine Milkshake was disappointing. The best part was the slice of cheesecake on the top. The outside “toppings” are more decorative than editable and the “milkshake” was more like strawberry milk than a traditional American milkshake.

Definitely stop through for the festive scenery, good service, and proper American burgers.


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