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Abu Dhabi’s Luxury Dinner Buffet; Rosewater at Etihad Towers

By December 2, 2016April 19th, 2017Travel + Culture


Luxury dining and dinner buffets are favorites among locals and expats in the capital city of Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates and its major cities are known for their grandeur and luxe therefore complements of extravagance are found throughout the city.

This dining experience and review are brought to you by Rosewater in Etihad Towers. Etihad Towers are the sleek slate colored building flanking the furthest corner of the corniche, greeting visitors proudly as move they about the marina area.


Though Habibi and I dine out often, we don’t go to the corniche area as frequently as we’d like. Most times we opt for restaurants in the city’s center or closer to home. However, we’d both chatted about Rosewater recently, so since it was on our minds again, we took the plunge.

Quite frankly, though Habibi mentioned Rosewater, he would have been satisfied with his beloved Ponderosa, but that night, I wanted to experience a luxury dinner buffet.



As I expected, Rosewater created a dinner buffet experience with great ambiance, extensive food choices, options for both the western and eastern palate, sewn with attentive, pleasant service.

Traditional options such as stewed lamb and chicken were available, along with beef, camel, fish, pasta, vegetables, breads, and most importantly, an assortment of desserts.



My favorite dishes were the scallop potatoes, seasoned green beans, stewed beef, and salads. Chicken biryani is always the first choice for Habibi as well as a native dish, harisse.


Rosewater’s dinner buffet runs nightly from 7 PM to 11 PM, preferably by reservation. The cost for two is approximately 500 dirhams or $136.12.

Without hesitation, Rosewater Etihad Towers comes recommended with a smile and pleasantly full stomach.

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