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Advice for Writers & Bloggers

By May 17, 2017August 14th, 2021Blog + Business


Taking a leap into the world of writing can be scary for some. We’re often anchored with thoughts of creating compelling pieces, the publishing process, connecting with readers, and making sales. Those thoughts are valid, important, and should be carefully nurtured as they are critical pieces of your brand. However, when you’re alone, with your journal or in front of the computer, here’s my advice for developing healthy writing practices and creating sustaining systems to help your written pieces flourish.

Sincere Advice for Writers and Bloggers

  • Write for yourself

Writing is an intimate process. It’s personal, thoughtful, cathartic, and healing. It requires vision and reflection. Because these adjectives describe individualized qualities, writing for yourself makes sense. The words that you share are in alignment with your creative processes. Do not be afraid to delve deeply into what inspires or moves you. There are people who will enjoy your gift. Honor it. Write for yourself and allow others an opportunity to experience your brilliance.

  • Write often

As with star athletes, Olympians, and scholars, practicing your craft often improves the output.

  • Create both fiction and non-fiction pieces

Indulging in both sects increases your writing authority. One may be easier than the other but you’ll increase your understanding of word choice and voice by creating pieces in both areas. The challenge area can be practice only and remain unpublished.

  • Maintain a writing schedule

Above, I mentioned writing often, as in daily. You may do this at the computer, on a notepad, or any electronic device but maintain a schedule in order to establish accountability.

  • Define your voice

Use your voice to connect with audiences. This is what identifies your brand, your concert of words, and your legacy. Whether fact or fiction, create noted pieces that are easily aligned with your written intentions.


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