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Aero Cafe & Bar in Sydney, Australia

By June 9, 2014March 20th, 2020Travel + Culture

After a day of touring and seeing the sights of Sydney, my travel mate and I were more than ready to rest our feet and tired bones. We started the day very early and only had fruit and water in between stops so not only were we tired, we were hungry to boot. We happened upon Aero Café & Bar when we exited the Hop On/Hop Off Bus and trekked down George Street. The plentiful outdoor seating and sophisticated crowd made it quite easy to make a decision among the many restaurants available in the area.

Aero Cafe & Bar _ Sydney Australia _ Poised in Print

Because it was a crisp breeze and we selected outdoor seating, a warm cup of java helped to soothe me and give me the warmth that I needed. There were a few selections of coffee but I chose the Americano as espressos are too strong for me late in the evening.

Aero Cafe and Bar _ Sydney Australia _ Poised in Print 2

While we waited, we did a lot of people watching inside and outside of the café. Sydney has such a great feel. I tried to discern if it was just the freeing feeling of being on vacation, or authenticity of city. Perhaps it was a sprinkle of both. We drifted into a chat about life in Sydney and possibly looking for expat opportunities there. However, as everyone stated, sustainability in Sydney can become quite expensive with one bedroom apartments nearing the $2,800 per month. That’s so not OK with me at this point. Sydney is very tempting though with the wealth of things to do, particular the variety of restaurants.


Aero Cafe and Bar _ Sydney Australia _ Poised in Print 3

We didn’t have to wait very long for our orders to arrive. My travel mate ordered a chicken and mushroom dish with fries and salad. I wish I knew the name of the dish but it escapes me. If you want the same dish just show them this picture and your life will be grand as well. I mean we all want to be grand right.

I’m such a beef eater and prefer beef over any meat so I ordered the open faced steak sandwich with fries or chips as they say. I probably won’t ever call “fries” chips because they are “fries” not chips.

Back to the topic of my entrée, the steak was well-seasoned and exceptionally tender. It had a perfect amount of spices to give it the home made flavor. The fries were to perfection as well. After living in the Middle East, one can appreciate good “fries” as the ones in the Middle East are usually pretty soggy, umm gross.

Aero Cafe and Bar _ Sydney Australia _ Poised in Print 4

Aero Café and Bar was a definite hit with us. If I’m ever back in Sydney, it will be on my list of places to dine again. Speedy efficient staff, flavorful entrées’, and a wait staff that pushed the level of services to impeccable.

Aero Cafe and Bar _ Sydney Australia _ Poised in Print 5

Aero Café and Bar comes well recommended. If the weather permits, outside seating is phenomenal, especially if you enjoy people watching.

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