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Amsterdam’s Sex Museum, It’s So Cheeky

By December 27, 2016April 19th, 2017Travel + Culture

Amsterdam’s Sex Museum, It’s so Cheeky.


I had one mission during my last trot through Amsterdam, to visit as many museums as possible. Like many, I was quite familiar with popular museums such a Van Gogh, the Anne Frank House, and the Rijks. However, during planning, I happened upon a few new options, such as the Sex Museum, which wasn’t on my initial excursion radar.

Sex Museum

Because of the “sensitive” nature of sex and sexual displays, if you’re on your work computer, a prude, or just don’t like the displays of physical intimacy,

exit now..


…there will be nudity, the mention of dicks (penises), pussies (vaginas), sex, orgies, pornography, brothels, sexual artifacts, and all of the other adult entertainment that falls in between.

sex museum

Though not in the entryway, this lovely bouquet of penises provides a nice welcome to the halls of the sex museum.

They’re all similar, kind of like the real world don’t you think?

Sex museum

..and just beyond the circle of peens, would be a walk through the sex ages. The walls are graced with visuals and infographics containing sexual pictures, positions, and their respective developments and purposes.

I didn’t know that this position was historic, imagine my surprise.

…and the shocked look on the faces of the other patrons.



Tossing salads and 69s..

It’s fascinating.

…just fucking fascinating.

sex museum

sex museum

Not only did we have men and women within their sexual expose, the museum explored topics of sexual symbolism…

Amsterdam's Sex Museum

Look inside:

It’s so cheeky.

…but the cheekiness is balanced with a collection of artifacts that align moods of each era and explanations for such engagements. Each of the rooms represent a specific period.

You’ll find common exhibits such as Playboy, Josephine Baker, and Marilyn Monroe to fashionable photography, homosexual interests, brothels, lingerie, and sexual gargoyles.


Amsterdam’s Sex Museum is located just a few blocks away from the Centraal Dam Station. The hours are from 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM but call for confirmation. Photography is allowed and watch for pickpockets.

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