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Around the Water Cooler | Episode 8

By December 29, 2019Short Stories

Around the Water Cooler | Episode 8


Hey Junetta, umm Hi. Can you come to Lucy’s office for a second. We need to have a little chatty watty.

Juanita’ sighs to herself and glares at Karen to convey the message of annoyance.

“Good morning, Karen. I hope your day is going well”.

Karen and Lucy responded with their standard smirk and response, “yeah”.

As reminded several times over, “Ladies, my name is Juanita.



The pair giggle as they continue to stare into Juanita’s office from the hallway.

“Oh yes, Wah-Nee-Ta”, they repeated with their sing-songy voices that tore into Juanita’s skin.

“Sorry hun, you know how those ethic names get me tripped up sometimes. I don’t think my delicate, Arkansas southern mouth can curl into all of those turns. Wah-Nee-ter. Wer-Nah-ter. Can you make you mouth do that, Lucy?”

Wuh-Ner-ter, Lucy blowed.

“How do you say it again? I really think you have to be black or Mexican to say it. Wuh-No-No. Wuh-No-No.”

Lucy and Karen hawked into a robust laughter from the doorway while Juanita looked on.

“Excuse me. Why are you ladies here again” Juanita snarled as she attempted to interrupt their giggle fest.

Karen and Lucy were so caught up in there school girl, non-EEOC friendly “joke” that they seemed to have forgotten why they were at Juanita’s door in the first place.


Juanita cleared her throat and tried to break up the laughter again. By this time, and everytime, Juanita was completely annoyed with the ongoing behavior that the pair presented daily.

She deeply cleared her throat this time.

“Excuse me. Why are you ladies here again?”

By this time, the giggling seemed to simmer down some and the words caught their attention.

“Attitude much. We’re just joking. You’re always so uptight Wuh-Nee-TAH. Gosh, is everything OK?”

By this time, Juanita was complete aggravated with their antics and wanted to lash out but knew anything other can a calm, semi-docile response would land her in human resources.


“You said that you wanted something. I have a lot of projects to finish before the end the week and really need to buckle down”, Juanita shared with ladies.

“Oh you’re still working on that. I thought you’d be finished by now. Josh and Bradley are done with theirs, you seem to be having a tough time. Is there something we can help you with?”

“Yes, Josh and Bradley”, Juanita mumbled.

Lucy started to laugh again.

“You need help with Josh and Bradley”, Lucy blurted out.

No dumb bitch, Juanita said in her head before she offered her real response.

“Hey guys, thanks for putting me on as lead the for this project. It’s taken a lot of muscle to get through but it’s turning out great. It would have been nice to have a partner to work with, you know, like Josh and Bradley but I don’t, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work”, Juanita said in the kindest voice she could muster.

“There’s that attitude again. It’s a little spicy, yet uppity this time, right Luce”?

Lucy raised her eyebrows with the same smirk as she had before. Her piercing blue eyes gazed over Juanita’s workspace.

“Well, that’s why we’re here Juanita, to offer you support on the project. Since you didn’t let us finish and went into a rant, we’ll just tell you here, don’t bother coming down the hall. OK. It’s so hard communicating with you sometimes. Like my grandpa use to say, ‘it’s like pulling teeth from a mad donkey’. So, yeah, whenever you get finished with the project, forward to me, then copy Lucy, Josh, and Bradley, so we can look it over it. We need to make sure all of the English is correct and it’s completely ready for tech”.

Lucy giggled again.

“Why am I copying Josh and Bradley on a project they’re not familiar with. I’m the lead on this”, Juanita respond.

“See it’s that attitude and ‘I’ mentality that you have. You really have to work to have more of a team spirit. I thought community was important to you”, Karen gnarled.

“Thank you, I will forward it to the appropriate people today before five”, Juanita clarified.

When Juanita looked up again, she realized that the wonder twins went about their merry way.

She also realized that her head was pounding, workplace drama was on the forefront, and she needed to reach into her desk for another BC. She grabbed the BC from her desk drawer and headed to the vending machine for a 12 oz Dr. Pepper.


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