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Asian Fusion in Abu Dhabi

All Stir Fry - Mushriff Mall

The UAE definitely knows how to keep its residents full. Throughout the country, especially in Dubai and the capital city, Abu Dhabi, options for pleasing ones culinary desires are abundant.

Today’s post is about a cute little number, All Stir Fry. I happened upon All Stir Fry after escaping one of the most dreadful meetings ever.  Not only was I bewildered, I was starved. I didn’t want fast food, or typical food court options; I wanted something new but not too heavy.

As I circled around the top floor of my neighborhood mall, Mushriff, I noticed this vibrant setting and the kindest host. He invited me in, told me a little about the place, so I decided to stay.

I’m not a huge fan of Asian food, but since it wasn’t crowded and I needed a seat, I obliged.


The decor was pretty inviting. The sultry ambiance, given by the red lighting against the rich colors amongst the seating made for fascinating visuals.



Whenever I try a new place and I’m extremely hungry, I opt for something familiar; so I started with Chicken Dumplings.

Chicken Dumplings

May I tell you something about these chicken dumplings?




They were pretty damn good. Not like regular good, or standard good, but pretty damn good, mainly because of the sauce. The sauce seemed to be a blend of sesame, soy, something sweet, and an unidentifiable kick. The sauce was pretty damn amazing.

I could have enjoyed two servings of these but I don’t want to seem “extra’ so I ordered an entree.

Next up, crispy beef.

I’ve had crispy beef a few times before with the best time being when I was in Sydney.

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of beef. I could dismiss all other meats and settle with beef. My heart disease may not like it as much, but my cravings would; so there’s balance.




The flavor of the crispy beef was spot on. It had a spicy-tangy mix. This dish would be best enjoyed by someone who enjoys spicy foods. Of note, the beef was a bit too chewy for my tastes. There was something amiss between the crispness and bite. Hopefully, it was just a minor error and not the way the chef prepared it always. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have had it been prepared without the microwaved chewy texture. I would try it again though because the flavor was grand.

Overall, All Stir Fry meets expectation for Asian Fusion. It’s chill on the pockets, easily accessible, and the decor is selfie worthy.

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