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August was Amazing

By September 1, 2014April 20th, 2017Archives

The end of August, beginning of September, is the signal that summer is coming to an end. As we participate in Labor Day, or not so much, we typically reflect on the goodness of summer and all that August had to offer.

I must say that my August was pretty damn fantastic. I was in the US. I visited my sister in DC, my parents in Arkansas, and eventually made my way back across the trans-Atlantic.

Amish Market _ Lancaster Market Mont Co

Once I landed in DC, I knew I had to make a stop at the beloved Lancaster Dutch Market or as it is commonly called, the Amish Market. The Lancaster Dutch Market is located in suburban Germantown, MD. Lancaster Dutch Market is host to local, authentic Amish foods and goods. When I lived in the area, I frequented the market often because their foods are delicious. The lines are at least 20 people long for their fried chicken but the goodness doesn’t stop there. Many of their prepared dishes like potato salad, chicken salad, deviled eggs, and numerous sides are a hit among locals. You can also find an assortment of candied items, nuts, hand picked fruits and vegetables. Though its location is about 30 minutes outside of DC proper, the Lancaster Dutch Market is well worth the drive.

Station4 DC _ Poised in Print

You guys know I love dining out. I could probably dine out 3 to 4 times a week. So, once I rested a bit at my sisters’, I had plenty of energy to explore the many pops up in the city. If you haven’t been to DC in a while, I must note the drastic change in dynamics. The city is more diverse, there’s more foot traffic than ever before, chains are bringing in stores and restaurants, and the classic feel of DC with small businesses are being restored. That brings me to Station 4. One of my sister’s good friends recommended Station 4 as the place to try for an excellent brunch or burger. She was absolutely correct in her assessment. If you follow me on Instagram, you know which items I selected, but for others, see the forthcoming review. I’ll leave you with a hint; it’s something that I love and always get. Pretty easy guess huh?

Walking in DC 2


After all the eating from the tour in July, then delving into my favorite US foods in August, incorporating a bit of exercise was paramount. I added quite a few pounds on tour because they served fries every single day; and I obliged. So, yeah, my clothes were snug, my face is rounder, but August was amazing, like truly amazing.

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Good Bye August


Good-bye August

What were some great things that happened with you during the month of August?



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