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Top 3 Apps for Teachers

By August 9, 2013March 30th, 2020Archives

Top 3 Apps for Teachers


In cities across the American South, teachers and students are already back to school. Earlier school years, rigorous curricula, and increased accountability requires educators to seek strategies to streamline processes in their classrooms.

Below are three apps that are exceptionally helpful for classroom, student, and personal management.

1. Class Dojo (Classroom Management)


Class Dojo is a behavior management tool that offers immediate feedback to the student with visual and
auditory cues. This is best used with an interactive whiteboard.

Requirements: create a free account, create class (es), enter student data

Benefits: Offers positive and negative feedback, can be managed from a smart phone, data reports available, teachers may create the criteria for each section.

2. Teacher Assistant Lite (free) or Teacher Assistant Pro ($7.99)

Teacher Assistant Lite and Pro are the techie teacher’s dream.

It is a comprehensive app that documents for grades, behavior, conferences. The data can be exported to DropBox.

3. MyFitnessPal

A healthy teacher, is a happier teacher.

Anyone who has worked in a school knows that there is an abundance of tempting treats, snacks, and favors from students. The classroom arena is repeatedly showered with sugary treats, potlucks, and catered meals. In addition to the sugar are caffeine and carbs. In an already stressful environment, packing on the pounds can create health issues for educators, therefore I recommend the MyFitnessPal app to track consumption and exercise.

Apps for teachers; yay or nay?

What other apps have you found useful for classroom management or organization?

Have a happy school year.

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