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Where’s the Best BBQ in the Washington, DC Metro Area?

By January 7, 2018August 14th, 2021Travel + Culture

Where’s the Best BBQ in the Washington, DC Metro Area?

In the true southern world, good BBQ isn’t hard to find. There are loads of local family restaurants serving the smokiest, tender BBQ you’ll ever find. However, when you venture out of these regions, the pulse of “good BBQ” can be hard to find. This is even true in the Mid-Atlantic region includes Washington, DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia.

….but, is there a solution to the scarcity of good BBQ in Washington, DC?

This week, my BFF and I tried Mission BBQ for the first time.

Mission BBQ is a fairly new in the BBQ business. They opened their first store in 2011. Their overall “mission” was to create a space that honored American heroes with one of America’s favorite dishes, BBQ.

Dining at Mission BBQ is easy. Diners walk in down a small decorated path leading to the ordering station. The ordering station consists of a large menu above, cashiers bay, and serving space where the prepared order is given. Seating is open; drinks and condiments are self-serviced. Each station comes with six choices of BBQ sauce. Everything from tangy, spicy, and sweet. Diners can be as liberal with the sauces as their little BBQ mouths desire.

What We Had

BBQ in Washington DC

Pictured above: Meat Choice Combo with pulled chicken, classic sausage, (choice of sides) macaroni and cheese, fries, and cornbread.

Pictured above: Pork ribs combo with (choice of sides) green beans with bacon, creamed corn, and cornbread.

Wheres the best BBQ in DC

Pictured above: beef brisket, Jalapeno and cheese sausage. Not pictured: green beans (same as above)

My Recommendations

Get the brisket

Get the brisket

Get the brisket

Got it!

The brisket meal consists of tender pieces of beef with hints of smoke and char. Its flavor reminds me of southern, smoked meat in the heat of summer. It’s made with perfection in mind.

The pulled chicken is also good, it’s tender juicy and definitely worth a try.

A second vote for pulled chicken came from a family friend.

My BFF enjoyed the ribs.

The sides are OK. The green beans with bacon could use a hint more of flavor. The fries were perfect, the mac and cheese was average, the cream corn, umm, needs more butter or something, the cornbread did it’s job.

If I could get away with the meat options with green beans (just to have a vegetable), fries, and a drink, I’d be in Mission BBQ heaven.

For the low carb recommendations, click here.

You can find Mission BBQ locations in: Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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