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Best Burger in Little Rock

By August 25, 2014March 7th, 2020Travel + Culture

Everyone knows that I am a huge beef fan. I’ve probably single handedly put all the children of cattle farmers through college. I absolutely prefer beef to any other meet, even chicken. Can you believe that, almost everyone prefers chicken to beef, except vegetarians of course.

So without a doubt, I had to visit a burger joint in my home town during my recent visit.

I selected Big Orange because I’d seen tons of posts about it on my Facebook Newsfeed from former classmates. A day didn’t pass without a reference to a tasty Big Orange Burger. I was sold and off to Big Orange I went.

Big Orange Little Rock _ Poised in Print

Big Orange _ Poised in Print 1

Big Orange Little Rock _ Poised in Print 2


There are two locations in the greater Little Rock area; Chenal and Midtown. My mother and I dined at the Midtown location after twirling around the mall and plazas next door trying to find my favorite concealer. After that challenge, I needed some rejuvenation, so I dove right in to the milkshake offerings. I was undecided about my traditional choice of vanilla without whip cream or delve into one of the flavors on the menu. Our server recommended the Whopper Malt as he said that the taste of malt was a home run for him but I didn’t know if that would fit the bill for me.

Best milkshake in Little Rock _ Poised in Print


I selected the I Dream in Cookies & Cream.

Best milkshake in Little Rock _ Poised in Print 2


My mom had an Arkansas favorite, Arkansas Onyx Coffee Shake.

Both shakes were so creamy and rich with the perfect blend of flavors. After being deprived of a good milkshake, because they simply don’t exist in the Middle East, I was in milkshake heaven at this point.

but the goodness didn’t stop there….

We ordered appetizers. Ordering appetizers is an obligatory practice for Arkansans. It’s in our blood and runs deep like the Ooo Pig Sooie Razorback. Therefore we ordered the Big Orange Cheese Dip. This order is pretty sizable and comes with house tortilla chips. The chips were fresh, light, and crispy; a perfect complement to our bowl of queso. The queso, a la cheese dip was pretty standard. I would order it again but can’t say it tops the list of best dips ever, perhaps if it was slightly thicker. Hmm, I can’t pinpoint it.

Big Orange Little Rock _ Poised in Print 3


now on to big daddy, the big kahuna, the icing on the cake, the real big orange

Big Orange Little Rock _ Poised in Print 4


This ma’am a jam a is called Farmer’s Burger. Yep, it took some good grazing to raise a burger like this. The Farmer’s Burger comes with “Havarti Cheese, Fried Local Arkansas Farm Egg, Petit Jean Bacon, Butter Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, and Aïoli”. Oh this baby was massive. My mother finally had to tackle it with a fork and knife.

Big Orange Midtown _ Poised in Print

I had the Petit Jean Bacon & Avocado Burger. It comes with “American Cheese, Petit Jean Bacon, Avocado, Butter Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo”.

Did I stomp the burger or did the burger stomp me?

Burger 1 – Reginia 0

I couldn’t handle it all. It was a great size, filling, and juicy but after a shake as well as appetizer, I just didn’t have any more space.

One note, Big Orange Burgers are sold as single items. The fries or other sides are sold separately. If you have a shake or appetizer, fries aren’t needed. Because of the size of the burgers, if you’re eating with friends, consider sharing an order of fries or side.

2014-08-21 18.18.36

I would rate my burger experience at the Big Orange as F A N T A S T I C.

The dining room gives a mod-classic diner feel. The decorative touches throughout the restaurant and great service on top of a slammin’ burger makes Big Orange one of the Best Burger spots in Little Rock.

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