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The Best Indian Food in Abu Dhabi

By September 15, 2014April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture

If you’re ever in Abu Dhabi and looking for the best Indian cuisine, India Palace is your place.

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Let’s just say that on this day, my cousin and I were looking for a super food score. Neither of us felt like cooking and fast food was out of the question. Therefore, we opted for a homestyle meal with a bit of spice with grand hopes for satisfaction.

India Palace did not disappoint.

I’ve passed this restaurant several times throughout the city and inside Mushrif Mall, but never wandered inside.

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But on this day, I crossed into what seems to be the best Indian Food in Abu Dhabi, probably the world.

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I’ve had Indian Food before, from Habibti, in India, in Thailand, and even in the US and Canada. None of them compared in flavor with the offerings in India Palace. The dishes were packed with a wealth of complementary Indian spices and handsome aromas. The entrees were fresh, presented with formal Indian flair, and generous enough for large families.

It was only my cousin and I though. We had quite the spread.

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Perhaps if I wasn’t so mesmerized by the food, I would have remembered to jot down the dishes that we ordered. I even perused the menu┬áthe next day, but could’t quite remember the items. Honestly, our waiter ordered for us. I told him that I was allergic to fish and peanuts, didn’t want anything too spicy, and he made the decision. My cousin only wanted to skip the fish, and he selected for her too. His choices were on the mark because we were in Indian food heaven. We ate until our hearts were content and bellies as full as a summer Georgia watermelon.

Oh we were tic full; and overjoyed as ever.

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Tea was offered after our meal….

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but we declined. There wasn’t a millimeter of room left.

Thank you India Palace for creating a best authentic India Cuisine in Abu Dhabi; possibly the world.

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