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Black American Culture

By February 1, 2016April 6th, 2020Editor's Note, Travel + Culture

Is it a such thing as a real American?

What elements align with being an American and its culture. Black American Culture

Black American Culture; what is it exactly?

BAC is the way of life for Black Americans, black people who are descendants of enslaved on “American soil”. We are people of both the past and present. It’s our beliefs, values, behaviors, and symbols associated with our being. It is the essence of who we are and what we’re about. Conversely, many believe, many black Americans believe that we are void of traditions and behavior that are unique to us.


Absolutely false.

The essence of black Americans are helm of the African Diaspora. It encompasses hundreds of years of deeply tragic events with residuals of strife, struggle, growth, awareness, triumphs, and beacons of hope.


It is genius, creativity, talent, intellect, community, hospitality, wealth, love, and community.

Our birth began with so much ugliness.

…and then covered with integration

…and then the notion to forget

We didn’t.

We won’t.

BAC is everlasting.

It transcends.

It inspires.

It is copied and appropriated.

but it’s there.

Black American Culture is a thing.

Recognize it, understand it, study it, appreciate and cultivate it.


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