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Blog Scholar vs. Grammar Police

By October 9, 2015July 31st, 2018Blog + Business


Oh the irony of this very topic.

At least once a month, throughout those blasted FB Groups, the newest inducted members of the grammar police takes the stand and offers her position.

….and I always get a good cackle

for good reason too.

With all their robust might, their spiritual girth, the badge toting, grammar elitist grand-stands to make their “I don’t mean to be rude” yet inflammatory post of hating bloggers who failed to put out scholarly content and litter these “innerwebs” with bad grammar.

…..and the irony is

well, you already know because it’s just that easy

their posts and proclamations are littered with the very things that they claimed to hate.

…..and I cackle

Then the string of posts from other newly inducted grammar police inductees chime in the yammers of Quan’s English because the Queen certainly didn’t bless that barrage of syllables.

It’s always a hoot.


As long as blogging has been around, the position of its power waivers. There are a great number of bloggers who are widely successful in a variety of genres. They may or may not have a background in journalism, they may or may not have a college degree, hell, they may or may not have a high school diploma.

Regardless of their official notes of “scholarisms”, what they have in common are their voices.


The bloggers, with the not so stellar grammar, have a solid voice that captivates their audiences. Their blogs are places that people go for content, pictures, videos, laughs or whatever it is that draws the readers near and daily. These are people who put work into their craft, gain opportunities, network, and creating content with misspelled words and poor grammar that’s shared time and again.

…and guess what

they have lots typos too

sometimes, their subjects and verbs tango like Mayweather’s and his opponents

capitalization is all wrong

commas are missed

…..and their readers don’t have any fucks to give about any of it.

A great blog, has a great voice. All of the topics, events, fashion and beauty poses are old news with opportunities to be retold and refreshed on each blog that reports on it.

So I say to you Mr. & Mrs. Grammar Police, stay in  your lane and help the world solve the oldest literary issue, did Dick marry Jane?


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