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Blogging Communities; Be a Better Blogger

By April 10, 2015April 20th, 2017Blog + Business

Be a Better Blogger

Earlier this year, I began my blogging community series. Initially, I wanted to share strategies on how to make the most of blog communities and avoid the pitfalls that are there. Since then, I pinned another post about members of blogging communities that took a humorous stab on the dynamics found within them.

Today’s post comes to you about a recent comment I read in one of the blog community’s rooms. The comment was “If all of your followers and readers are other bloggers, then you’re doing it wrong“, A. Jones.

That comment rang true for me for a number of reasons. Prior to blogging communities, I had much greater success and the comments were authentic. Then, I worked much harder for connects and reached out more. Somewhere along the way, I became tangled in blog communities. I’m not saying that the readers now are inauthentic, but when you’re participating in “comment threads” it’s a tit-for-tat effort.

Community of Bloggers Reginia Cordell

Many bloggers feel that their fellow bloggers are a unique group of people who are cordial, friendly, and supportive. While this may be true, we are also colleagues and competitors. We, professional bloggers, are entrepreneurs who position ourselves for success. Success sometimes means winning a bid, snagging a great campaign, increase sales of a product, or maximizing our reach.

If all of our readers are other bloggers, how does this covert to sales, opportunities, and growth?

Bottom line, it doesn’t, not in great numbers anyway.

It’s great to have a community of blogger to share ideas, converse about trends, network, and build relationships. However, as a pro-blogger, that’s simply not enough.

If all of your followers and readers are other bloggers, then you’re doing it wrong

Three successful tips for improving your audience reach

  1. Know your audience

Do you know your target audience?

I worked with a blogger recently on her blog redesign and professional support. During the consult, I asked about her target audience, and she replied, “everyone”. While we would like to reach everyone, that’s just not realistic. First and foremost, everyone isn’t interested in the content and products that we offer. Knowing your target audience, helps to maximize your reach. Using some type of analytic will assist in identifying who your readers are. Once you know this, go where they are.

2.  Heighten your communication

Once you’ve identified your target audience, increase your presence in those areas. Are these readers fond of Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, if so meet them there. Utilize those platforms to covert participants to readers to buyers. Be available. Be authentic. Hone your voice. Don’t be afraid to make blunders. AND… AND.. definitely do not mimic “So-and-So Big Blogger’s” voice.

3. Optimize your presence

Readers and buyers are visual beings. How are your readers and potential readers viewing you and your brand? Are your profiles consistent across social media platforms? Do you have completed profiles with an interesting bio and ways to connect with you? If these things aren’t done, do them now? Don’t wait until tomorrow because readers are looking for you today.

Blogging communities are such great resources for ideas and strategizes but don’t let blog communities box your reach.

Remember, “If all of your followers and readers are other bloggers, then you’re doing it wrong“.

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