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Blogging Communities: Meet the Neighbors

By March 20, 2015April 20th, 2017Blog + Business

Blogging Communities Meet Your Neighbors

In my previous post about blogging communities, we chatted about the what and the “what nots”. Today’s post brings you the “haves and have nots”. Because blogging communities are now all the rage, hip, and popular, the desire to be a part of several communities is the behavior of many bloggers. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, as we chatted before, there are benefits of being a part of a community. Along with those benefits, are its community members; your blogging neighbors.

Let’s meet the neighbors:

Patty ProBlogger: Hey Patty Girl Hey! We see you with your millions of page views monthly, attending all the exclusive private events, and not accepting less than 1 billion per appearance; we see you, hey girl hey. There she is, Patty ProBlogger, the mother hen of all the bloggers, blog communities, and all things social media. She’s been there, done that, and has the pixels and scars. She’s there to remind all novice and mid-stride bloggers that they need to work harder and be thankful that pro bloggers such as herself are giving them the time of day and tips about their meager dreams of becoming a pro blogger. Patty ProBlogger is excellent with slick self-promotion and redirecting topics to her greatness. Hey Patty Hey! Patty ProBlogger, are you her?

Blogging Communities Meet Your Neighbors 2

Awesome Amanda: Awesome Amanda is commenter that everyone loves to have in their corners. She’s the social media personality who can see the good in all things. She can whip inside a thread or post and comment on all the greatness that is there. She never has an adverse position or goes against the grain. The internet could explode and she’s find the positive in that. She’s the one who follows all the blog community’s rules and promotes the blogging community as if its her own. She’s the one that will start a blog community for positive bloggers. Awesome Amanda, are you her?

Grumpy McComment : There’s not a blogging community on the world wide web that doesn’t have a Grumpy McComment. Grumpy McComment is present and active in each and every blog community there is. She’s there to give her snide, condescending, and adverse comments on everything from blogging, advice, the weather, and any topics that cross her computer screen. She’s so busy in all the threads that we often wonder how she gets any blogging done. Grumpy McComment often poses as a pro-blogger. She loves to takes digs at any blogger doing what she wishes she could but poses as done. Grumpy McComment comes across as a 1992 infomercial after a long night of hard liquor and bad company. Grumpy McComment, are you her?

Blessings from Blogtina: Blogtina, oh Blogtina, you my friend are the most annoying neighbor in the blog community, says the community of bloggers. No one ever tells you because your comments and presence is veiled in kindness. We see through that though. It’s an act. It’s nonsense, it’s a lot of frick frock (that’s short for bullshit). Here’s Blogtina’s thing, she is the kumbuya of the blog community, the diva of support, the “this blog word is big enough for all of us”. Blogtina, you’re right, blogging can be done by anyone for any reason. However, there are differences among bloggers and that’s something that you hate to admit but Patty ProBlogger should remind you. There are not opportunities for every blogger though that’s your mantra. Every blogger isn’t a billion dollar, million dollar or 6-figure blogger, they just aren’t. Just like every realtor, or every whatever profession isn’t at the top of their respective “games”, per their pillars for success. That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works, OK. While I agree that supporting the troops is needed but stop getting your panties in a ruffle when the notion about differences among bloggers comes up. Watch it or we’ll call Grumpy McComment to get you in line. Blessing from Blogtina, are you her?

Carla is Cool: Carla is a bit of a mystery. She’s moderately active but she has her blogging stuff in order. Her design is fresh and uncluttered, she’s active but not overbearing, she snags great opportunities, and things really seem to be on the up and up. Carla’s mysterious ways are inspiring and a source of probing for some. They want to know what makes Carla tick. How does she garner such achievements? Carla’s answers are never direct but include a bit of direction without revealing the source. She wishes you well but mums the word with Carla. Carla is Cool, are you her?

Blogging Communities: Meet Your Neighbors was inspired by my series, Around the Water Cooler.



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