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Boa Steakhouse Abu Dhabi

By February 16, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture


By now you guys know that I am the ultimate beef eater. I know this makes some vegans cringe in their vegetable holiness and the American Heart Association is going to revoke my privileges but beef makes me a happy gal.

Boa Steakhouse 2

Interior bar seating

photo credit: The National

It was on this day that I wanted to donate half my earnings to a meal so I headed to Boa Steakhouse. Boa Steakhouse is a part of the posh and innovative dining group, IDG. Boa Steakhouse is best known for its modern, luxurious decor, sultry moods, and the availability of organic, premium beef. It’s pristine offerings are for those with generous appetites and palates¬†for fine dining.

My colleague and I had a late evening dinner at Boa Steakhouse Abu Dhabi. It was the perfect evening along the mangroves; lower temperatures and a small breeze. Therefore, we took advantage of the outdoor seating.


Our server suggested an array of wines. My colleague had a glass but I fancied water that evening. Exciting right!

Though I skipped the wine, I didn’t skip the appetizer. I’d stalked these little sliders for a while. I first laid eyes on these treats via Instagram.



My colleague indulged the crab cakes. I had a small bite and I must say that they were quite flavorful; delicious even.



Now on to the highlight of the meal; the Herb Butter Rib-Eye and Truffle Cheese Fries


My colleague and I ordered the same steak; prepared differently, medium-well for me and medium-rare for her. She also had a side of spinach.

Come closer to the screen so I can properly tell you how tender this steak was. It wasn’t like those steaks that you find at the every day chain joints, you know the ones that leave your gums sore and filled with meat leftovers. ¬†This was pristine-a-la-steak. The king of steaks. The President Obama of Steaks. Former President Bill Clinton’s economy of Steaks, Peace in the Middle East steaks. These steaks could cuddle the lonely and heal the sick and shut in. In addition to its tenderness were the herb ‘n butter spread and roasted garlic.

I savored each piece with occasional tangos with the Truffle Cheese Fries. It was an adulterous feast of gluttony. Oh did I sin.

Then I sinned some more…



Cheesecake with a scoop of raspberry sorbet and fresh berries.

Oh yes!

You guys probably know how this all ended.

If you want to indulge, come have a seat with me in Abu Dhabi or make your way to West Hollywood or Santa Monica. Don’t forget to bring one month’s salary because this isn’t a dollar menu kind of place.

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