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Breakfast at Dome Cafe in Abu Dhabi

By January 1, 2014March 25th, 2020Travel + Culture
Happy New Year lovelies.
I hope your day is going well. I’m sure many of you are out and about catching New Year’s sales and enjoying the last few days off with family. It’s pretty much the same around these parts as well; low-key not too much movement.


Like I traditionally do on New Year’s morning, I start the morning with breakfast out. It’s nice to have a personal tradition; dining out on New Year’s morning has truly become a part of me. Habibti and I  decided that Dome Cafe’ in Khalidiyah Mall would be most appropriate for our dining pleasures. Previously, I stopped in Dome Cafe after having lunch with a friend last Friday but our time was interrupted by what felt like another heart attack and shortness of breath.
Thank goodness it wasn’t, it’s unstable angina. I had another invasive procedure this week and my heart was fine. It’s carrying on like a champ, growing additional ways to carry the blood and everything. However, that’s another post for another time.
Back to Dome Cafe.
Since my time at Dome Cafe was interrupted, I decided to give it the proper go to see what’s what.
Because of its location in the mall, I never gave it a second thought because I seriously thought it was a perfume store or tobacco shop. From the other end of the mall near Catina Laredo, it doesn’t look like a cafe. I’m happy that my friend pointed it out last week because the experience was great.
We started with fresh orange juice, pure and all natural.
My meal included either tea or coffee, I selected the coffee. The standard American coffee was too strong for my liking but I did enjoy the hot chocolate the other day. I will definitely have that again.

The meals were exceptionally satisfying.

Habibti had the grilled chicken dinner with vegetables and rice. The chicken was seasoned well and grilled to perfection. Per the menu, the cut was thigh, a part I typically loathe, but Dome Cafe perfected the taste. I probably ate much more of Habibti meal than I should have; such is love. I had the minute steak with scrambled eggs. The steak was OK, a bit tough, not my preferred cut. The eggs were to my liking.

The most amazing part was finally finding real pancakes that are almost as delicious as iHop. It’s very difficult to find true morning pancakes in Abu Dhabi. Usually, when they are offered on the intentional brunch buffets, they are flat and spongy. How gross! These were wonderful with warm maple syrup which made them excellent.

The overall experience was delightful. The atmosphere was relaxing, the service was pleasant, and the meal prompted subsequent visits. I’m thrilled that my friend, Pam,  saw this place from across the mall and was open to trying something new.
Stay turned for the next post on my dining adventures in Abu Dhabi.
Have a wonderful and prosperous new year.

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