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How to Make Broccoli Cheese Bites

By July 29, 2013May 3rd, 2020Archives

How to Make Broccoli Cheese Bites

After a week away and a long, long ride from the Middle East, I’m back with a splash of newness and a hint of what you loved. It is my hope that the name and rebrand will take me into the depths and directions of my beloved print and social media. Thanks for hanging in there with me since 2007 and another thank you to Ms. Kita and her husband for my redesign.

Today’s Meatless Monday post is a tried and retried recipe that I found online. When I initially tried the concoction for broccoli cheese bites, it was a hit but far too messy. There was butter and cheese everywhere and the bites had no form whatsoever. I edited the recipe a bit, added a muffin pan, and finally achieved my desired goal; a delicious finger food with no fuss and no mess.


The original recipe can be found here. This recipe had far too many ingredients and flour; which I tried to avoid.
Below is my adapted version with; cauliflower, broccoli, red onions, parmesan cheese, shredded cheese, garlic/pepper seasoning, and olive oil for the pan.





Ash and I chopped and/or minced the onion, broccoli and cauliflower.



Added the seasonings….



Mixed with two eggs (not pictured)

Scooped tablespoon portions into a shallow muffin pan then baked until golden brown (abt 25 minutes)

They turned out quite nicely. They reheat well in the oven or microwave. We made a pan full and froze what we didn’t eat. This is great for a quick snack. You can remove what you want from the freezer, pop them in the oven, and a quick low carb snack is served.


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