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Brunch at The Yacht Club

By October 25, 2013March 27th, 2020Travel + Culture
 Friday is the beginning of the weekend in Abu Dhabi and lots of great things happen.

In addition to sleeping in, worship services, and clear streets; there are these things called
Abu Dhabi is noted for having larger than life brunches across the Emirate and in Dubai as well. Many have large spreads with international selections and a nice bill to accompany it. Regardless of your dining or budgetary fancy, an amazing brunch can be found.
Today’s brunch was enjoyed at the upscale and posh The Yacht Club located just shy of the Corniche and Emirates Palace inside the InterContinental Hotel.




Friday brunches at The Yacht Club are a summation of amazing and stylish. The Yacht Club is located on the Marina Level of the lovely InterContential Hotel Abu Dhabi. The picturesque views along with posh styling creates the perfect ambiance for a brunch with friends.
The Friday brunch offers outdoor and indoor seating among two restaurants with a wealth of international selections that will tempt any desire.


Generous selections of made to order pastas.


An array of cheeses


Seafood galore! There is every imaginable water creature here. I’m not a fan of seafood but seafood lovers will be totally in awe.




Sweet treats and fruit cocktails


Wine oh yes the wine
Also available but not pictured: beef, pork, salads, Arabian favorites, and a plethora of side items.
Overall, the brunch was satisfying. The service was fantastic, the food was seasoned to perfection, and the atmosphere was lively. I would have preferred if there were more breakfast items such as eggs and waffles. Without these items, this is more lunch than brunch. The BR is definitely missing and UNCH is certainly available. If you’re craving a solid breakfast, this isn’t the brunch for you.
Until next time…
Have an amazing weekend.
See you Monday!

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