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Brunch at Bentley Bistro & Bar

By November 19, 2014March 11th, 2020Travel + Culture

The weekends in Abu Dhabi are great times to brunch. Brunches are a fantastic way to unwind with friends, introduce a summation of the work week, and most importantly indulge in the fanfare and opulence that brunches in Abu Dhabi represent.

About a week or so ago, a friend and I decided that the weather was cool enough to have brunch on the waterfront on Al Maryah Island.

Bentley Bistro and Bar 1


There are a few choices available but we went with Bentley Bistro & Bar because of the available seafood options. My friend is a die heart seafood fan and just so happens that I was in the mood to compromise.

Score right!

Upon entering Bentley, the atmosphere engages you immediately. It’s mood is a bit sultry and sexy. The setting invites you to stay for a while and enjoy the surroundings. Our stay was about three hours. They began to serve from the lunch and dinner menu by the time we left.

Bentley Bistro and Bar 3


Bentley Bistro and Bar 4

Bentley Bistro and Bar 5

After soaking in some of the relaxing scenery, we decided to delve into the purpose for going; eating.

Bentley Bistro and Bar 6The breakfast menu was fairly new according to the hostess. She mentioned that it was only a few weeks into the trial at the time. The menu had about 15 selections. As long as there were eggs and some type of meat, all was well with me.

Bentley Bistro Galleria

I had an entree titled “Eggs in a pan”. The dish came with fried eggs, beef bacon, beef chipolata, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. I made one alteration to the selection, I opted for scrambled eggs instead of fried. Overall, the dish was fair. A bit more butter or oil should have been added to the pan to prevent sticking. The portions that weren’t stuck to the pan were quite good. However, the white cheese type of slices on the top took the dish in the wrong direction. Because the menu didn’t list this entree as having cheese, I was surprised by its presence. The “cheese surprise” texture was gooey, wet, and rubbery around the edges. I’d have to say that it didn’t help the dish at all. The dish would have been quite pleasant without that added element.

Bentley Bistro and Bar 7

My friend ordered the Lobster scrambled eggs on a toasted bun.

She thoroughly enjoyed her entree. She said that the lobster was flavorful and the eggs were just right. Typically, she’s a fan of over easy eggs and shared this with our server. He shared it with the chef who in turn made the eggs pretty light and easy as scrambled could be. She said that she will return time and again because the dinner menu had her favorite, red snapper.

Bentley Bistro and Bar 8

I may come back to Bentley Bistro & Bar for a chic dinner with Habibi. I’m sure with a little wine and ambiance, I may develop different feelings for Bentley. For now, the food was OK, the service was fantastic, and of course the location as well as mood was perfect.

Bentley Bistro & Bar is located in the luxurious Galleria Mall on Al Maryah Island. Al Maryah Island is just adjacent to the luxe Reem Island.

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