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By Chance; a Short Story

By January 20, 2024January 22nd, 2024Short Stories

He smelled exactly like I thought he would.

…fresh, clean with hints of ouds and musk.

He knew that Arabian Ouds were my favorite, so it wasn’t by chance that he’d have a little on.

Being able to experience the masculine scents against his body was almost everything I needed in the moment. He stood just over 6 feet, with a medium build, nice shoulders, evidence of body maintenance but with a small hint of a dad pouch. He was extremely sexy. He also knew that black is my favorite color, so he wore a black pullover, with the sleeves pushed up and the tatted left arm on display. Taking in his appearance caused me to drift into a quick daydream hopefully without looking disconnected and aloof. I wanted to pull him in close and feel his body against mine but we’d only been in each others’ company a good two minutes.

Unknowingly, I mumbled my thoughts aloud.

“Did you say something” Chance asked.

With a slight blush I replied, “I think the restaurant is that way and you look really nice”.

I was so embarrassed but more turned on by him than embarrassed.

He definitely scored an A for effort. Pleasing me within the first 30 seconds of our long awaited meeting made the first impression quite memorable.


After a year or so of hearting photos, adding to a collection of favorites, and DMs of courtship, we were finally in each others’ presence.

“You’re more beautiful than I imagined”, Chance commented.

“You’re such a sexy woman and your eyes have me dazed” he added.

Before I could respond, I looked up and gave a soft smile and took a deep breath. It was in that moment, I wanted him to pull me close to him and toast my lips with his. My mind was racing and my everything was throbbing faster than my mind could keep up.

As I was about to mutter a response, he then said, “This moment is exactly what I’d hoped it would be” then grazed his fingers across the palm of my right hand.

Chance seemed to be a true country boy. He loved dirt roads, mudding, soul food, hunting, and had a similar twang to his tenor like Terrance Howard in Hustle & Flow.

If the magic within those few moments were a precursor to our two days together, I knew everything was going to be just fine. Really fine.

Pictures of Rome

We decided to catch an early dinner at Mia’s, it’s one of the best Italian Restaurants in Orlando. We made reservations but there was a bit of wait once we arrived so we decided to grab a drink from the bar. I’m not a big drinker and didn’t know what to order, so I decided on wine. I didn’t want anything too heavy or something that may cause me to act out of character. I’m southern, as is he, and we’d previously chatted about how first impressions are still very important though times had evolved.

He ordered a nice wine as well.

I could tell that we were both stepping softly. Though we were familiar with one another, and chatted for quite some time, there was a nervousness in the air because it was our first physical meeting. I’m sure we’re both hoping that the wine will relax us.

Fortunately, the wait for our table was shorter than the hosted expected, so we headed to our spot before the bartender finished our drinks.

Amidst the cozy chatter of a bustling bistro, we found ourselves face-to-face for the first time after connecting on social media. Nervous energy lingered in the air, evident in the slightly hesitant smiles exchanged across the table.

“So, we finally made it to the real world,” he chuckled, trying to break the ice.

I nodded, a hint of relief in my eyes, “Yeah, it’s different, but in a good way.”

As we navigated through the menu, our conversation flowed smoothly, a mix of shared interests and playful banter.

“I’ve been dying to try this place,” glancing at him with a sly smile. He raised an eyebrow, a spark of mischief in his eyes, “Well, it’s about time we satisfy those cravings.”

As dinner progressed, the atmosphere warmed, and the initial nerves gave way to a palpable chemistry.

Our laughter became more genuine, and the conversation took on a flirtatious undertone. “We did promise to keep it platonic, right?” he teased, a mischievous grin playing on his lips. I shot him a sidelong glance with a playful glint in my eye, “Oh, absolutely. But who said platonic can’t be a little spicy?”

The intensity between us increased, turning a seemingly casual dinner into a rendezvous charged with unspoken desires.

After dinner and drinks, one house pour for me, and Greco di Tufo for him, our middle aged libidos went into overdrive and the flood gates opened for me. I almost felt silly for a second for being that turned on by someone I just met but he was damn gorgeous. His height, slightly rugged, warm latte with two splashes of espresso complexion was the icing. But, it was also the hands for me. I have a thing for hands and his hands had the balance needed; clean nails and cuticles, workers roughness but evidence of daily lotion use. Y’all know what that is. His manly hands were made for a lot of things and after feeling them on my lower back when we first hugged, I knew they were made for me as well.

Because it was starting to get late, we ended our dinner with intensions on site seeing but the drinks had us both in a chokehold so we headed back to our hotel, separate rooms of course.

“Chase, I need a bit to freshen up and take a quick nap”.

“Understood. I need to close out a few things at work before we take off tomorrow and freshen up myself. I’ll knock on your door about 8, so we can review tomorrow’s itinerary”.

“Perfect, I’ll see you then”.

I slowly closed the door and losing site of my dinner date, travel pal.

….Monica dozed off after her shower only to be awaken by a knock at the door.

There was a knock on Monica’s door about 7:50. She was expecting Chance at 8 but he hadn’t texted to say he was on the way.

Monica gently slid towards the door, hoping not to make up too much noice but..

“Hey Monica, it’s me Chance”, he belted through the door.

“Oh, I was expecting a text first”, I replied.

I unlatched the bolt, opened the door, and invited Chance in.

“I texted about 25 minutes ago to see if you were ready for me to come over”.

I ran to check my phone and Chase closed the door behind him. He was right, he did text but my phone was on silent.

“Oh my bad, my phone was on silent, I hope it’s not an inconvenience now”.

“No not at all, we agreed on eight but I was ready a little earlier, that’s all”.

I’d only booked a standard room because we planned to spend most of our time in Bimini and the room was for showering and sleeping. So, it didn’t have the extra seating like the other suites.

Chance walked in looking more delicious than before. He had on a white “wife beater” grey sweats, and his slides. I immediately noticed how defined his arms were and those well groomed toes. Everything else looked immaculate as well.

“You know I’m old school, so I’ve printed out the tomorrow’s itinerary and tickets”.

Chance chuckled a little and said, “That’s cool and I have it in my email as well”.

We paused for a minute and just looked at one another.

“Your lounge set looks amazing on you”, he said in a lowered tone.

Before I could say thank you, he grabbed my chin, moved closer to me, and gave me the most passionate kiss. I hadn’t been kissed like that in years.

He continued to hold my face, with the grip getting stronger, then he moved his hand to the back of my head. My hair was pulled up in a pineapple and his hand fit perfectly on the back of my head.

His tongue was the explanation, illustration, and sole reason for the term French Kiss. He gave me so much passion and attention. I didn’t realize that all of the papers had fallen on the floor.

I tried to reach down to grab the papers then Chance said, “Leave it, it’s not important right now, you are”. Then I melted. He began kissing me again, and sucking on my neck like it was a junior high school dance. He was still holding the back of my head.

Without great effort, he took his other hand, slid it under my thighs, while moving his hand down my back under my butt, then lifted me to this lap. Once I was on his lap, we began kissing deeper. He moved back slightly on the bed while keeping me firm on his lap. By this time, I could feel his dick between my legs. I originally didn’t want it to go this far, but going this far is exactly what I needed. He then began to kiss my neck again and I absorbed all that he was giving to me. He used one hand to unbutton my lounge top and exposing my breasts. As he sucked my breasts, my body relaxed even more and he continued to hold me with his other arm. He gave attention to both breasts, making my nipples tender and erect. They were rock hard.

I continued to let Chance lead.

Chance eased his back to the bed while beginning sliding my shorts and top off. I was completely naked on top of him. He still had on his tank and sweats.

He asked, “Are you OK”?

I replied with, “Each second is getting better” then gave him a blushing smile.

I soon felt his dick, through his sweats, between my legs and I’m sure he felt how wet I was without penetrating me. I started to grind on his dick a little, hoping he would push it inside of me. It seemed to be a strong eight inches. Instead, he moved down some then pushed me forward. Half of my body was above his head and my wet pussy was on his mouth. I didn’t say a word. He opened my lips and said, “Oh it’s like that!”, the only thing I could do is moan as he immersed his tongue in the wettest part of me. His tongue felt fantastic in my mouth but even better as a tool for pressure. He didn’t hold back at all. His every move was deliberative and aggressive. He knew his way around my anatomy. He stopped applying pressure inside my love hole and focused solely on my clit. He pulled my clitoral hood back then sucked the tip while massaging the base. It didn’t take me long to get hot, the trunk of my body collapsed, and all I could do is lay limp and moan.

I didn’t want to sound like a rookie and yell his name but the force I felt between my legs made me let out moans of pleasure with each move his made. He knew I was almost at climax because the sucking was in rhythm with my throbs. He coached me to release. It was nothing like I’d ever felt before. It felt like a dual climate with power coming from my clit and love hole. After I came, I stayed in position trying to catch my breath not realizing that Chance stood to remove his clothes then rejoined me on the bed. I felt like I couldn’t do anything else but he was so gentle. He guided me to lay flat on my stomach with my legs closed tightly together. With precision, he laid flat on my back with his dick entering me from the back.  I immediately inhaled as he slid inside me. His girth filled me completely but as aroused as I was, it was pleasurable friction. As he continued to work his way inside of me and each thrust giving more pleasure than the one before, he held my hands above my head with pressure and continued to suck on my neck. At that point, I didn’t care how many passion marks showed because they were well earned.

Chance kept his rhythm about twenty minutes while giving attention to all parts of my body. He continued to play with my clit with one hand and pulling my hair with the other. I convinced he could make his stroke some type of Olympic sport with the rules of giving multiple orgasms, deep throat kissing, with a few extra kinks for special effects.

He began to moan and thrust a little harder. I felt his dick throbbing inside of me and knew he was about to cum. He laminated his body into mine, moaned, and came. He didn’t get up right away, he started to kiss my back gently then easing out. He turned me over, pulled me to him, kissed me again, then said, “maybe we should talk about our itinerary now”.

We both just laughed, picked up the papers off the floor, then laid back not realizing we both dozed off.




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