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Gloria Jeans Coffee and Cafe in Abu Dhabi

By June 16, 2014March 12th, 2020Travel + Culture

Gloria Jeans Coffee and Cafe in Abu Dhabi

If you’ve noticed lately, I’ve cheated on my beloved Starbucks quite a bit. I’ve shared my love and passion with freshly brewed java and coffee shops with other coffee beaus. I’ve wandered across the world with hopes to get the same warm sensation as Starbucks; sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’s a miss.

My eyes began to wander.

Gloria Jeans Coffee _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 2


In the heat of coffee lust and a hankering for a bite to eat, I found myself at the counter of Gloria Jeans Coffee.

I wanted a quick bite because I anticipated a short wait for my friend at the nail salon across the way, so this place fit the bill. At the time, it wasn’t as busy as the other coffee shops in the mall and there was available seating with wi-fi, so things started swell.

Gloria Jeans Coffee _ Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 3

After staring at the menu for a spell, I decided upon the chicken wrap, coleslaw, chips, and coffee. In hindsight, it was more than “a bite” to eat but it filled the hole in my stomach nicely.

The chicken wrap was fresh with crisp vegetables inside. You can opt for a chilled wrap or warmed to your liking. I preferred the chilled version because hot lettuce is just damn gross. Like a proper southern yet not so proper girl such as myself, I used the coleslaw as a sandwich filler as it is so designed.

Sandwich perfection!

The chips were a perfect complement and the coffee was satisfactory.

Since then, I’ve been to Gloria Jeans Coffee on a few occasions because their wraps are just that tasty. The service is prompt and friendly but the coffee is average in the Middle East stores. When I went to Gloria Jeans in Melbourne, Australia, the coffee was quite delicious with a smooth brew. The brews from the Middle East are too strong for my tastes and leaves my mouth dry; perhaps it’s me, but it could be them – who knows. Next time, I’ll inquire to see if they have standard brews.

Gloria Jeans is and will always be in my coffee shop rotation while I am on this side of the world.

Is there a Gloria Jeans in your area? If so, have you been. If not, what’s in your mug today?

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