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Lunch at Casa Luca Paris

By April 12, 2013April 3rd, 2020Travel + Culture
Without a doubt, one of my favorite things to do is try new restaurants and dine out. I probably dine out a few times a week if not more. So, there’s no surprise that my travel friends and I stopped in the cutest restaurant called Casa Luca near Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. I remember this restaurant fondly because it was so cold that day, we all needed to potty badly, and Casa Luca was our saving grace. After stopping in a few marts without public facilities, we spotted this little number across the street. It’s a fortunate and unconventional way to select dining, but it worked.
If I remember correctly, we arrived around 4 p.m. so the lunch crowd had dispersed and we were the one of two small groups in the restaurant; suited me just fine because I wasn’t in the mood to do a ton of waiting.
The place is really attractive, inviting, and quite cozy. The mood is sultry and perfect for a couples dinner. However, Ash didn’t travel with me to Paris, so it was dining with the girls.
We opted for one of their 3-course specials because it was reasonably priced and available until 5 p.m. or so…according to Little Miss Rude Waitress. I didn’t initially want to call her rude but after seeing the other remarks on Travel Advisor, yep, she’s rude and ruining their business…. but that’s on them.
Anyway, we had;







I also had a large plate of pasta but it didn’t photograph well so I opted not to post.
Overall, the food was good and the atmosphere was amazing. However, Little Miss Attitude turned into Little Miss Forgetful then Little Miss Liar regarding the course special. She lied and the disrespectful manager didn’t compensate the bill like she should have. What started as a great relaxing late lunch turned into a heated “discussion” and disgust. With that, I’d probably never visit that location again but if there’s another Casa Luca in Paris, I may try it out. Who knows?
How often do you dine out? What are your dining choices when you travel?

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