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We Love Chill Out Cafe in Dubai

By September 6, 2013March 29th, 2020Travel + Culture

Chill Out Cafe in Dubai

One of the greatest things about living in a new country is exploring what it has to offer. During my first year, I was in an extremely remote location which made traveling to the city exceptionally difficult. Now that I live within one of the major cities, I can explore the country with ease.

A few weeks ago, my mother came back to the UAE with me and I showed her many of the major sites. On one of our stops, we cooled off at ChillOut Ice Lounge  Dubai.

Chill Out is an ice lounge located in the cozy Time Square Mall in Dubai. Its easy access is right off the E11 near Mall of the Emirates which makes getting there a breeze ( as there are NO addresses in the UAE).

The subzero temperatures makes Chill Out the perfect spot to relax and regroup after competing with the 115 degree temperatures outdoors.

The set up of the lounge is quite simple. For 60 AED fee per person, the package includes hot chocolate or tea, designer coats, boats, and gloves to create the perfect wintery experience.


All of the elements of the lounge are made of ice: seating, decor, and tables. The seating is covered with  lush fur to prevent your buns from freezing. The ice sculptures and walls are backlit with hints of royal blue, purple, and magenta.

Because of the temperatures, most enjoyed the complementary drink, snapped a few photos, then opted for higher temperatures.



Chill Out advertises as the only ice lounge to service hot foods such a kabobs, sandwiches, and fondants. We only had the hot chocolate and tea.

Chill Out is an enjoyable and unique experience. My recommendation is for pre-teens and up. I can’t imagine small children enjoying the sub-temps for longer than a few minutes.

Chill Out is one of the many ice lounges across the world. Have you tried an ice lounge?

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