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Coaching Program for New Digital Business Owners

By September 22, 2018February 22nd, 2020Blog + Business

Coaching Program for New Digital Business Owners

Course Evolution is a coaching program for new digital business owners.

Let’s face it, the internet is here to stay. Thoughts of glorious businesses like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, huge shopping malls, and three block long plazas are slowly fading away. While this is unfortunate in some instances, it creates new industries and opportunities for others. One of the major points of attraction for digital business is its ability to be lead from anywhere in the world. For those who are looking to earn income for themselves and their families without being location locked, digital businesses are the way to go. Additionally, a digital business can be created around any topic; that’s what I’ve done with Course Evolution.

I created Course Evolution because the challenges within the education sector were growing without any real solutions in sight. Teachers, school administrators, and other staff members were charged with unachievable expectations without the resources or experience to properly tackle them. Those experiences created so much overwhelm, stress, frustration, and quite honestly, lots of nights filled with tears. Many asked, “Why not switch to a different school” or “Why don’t you pursue another role within education?”, yes both seems like plausible things to do, and I did, but the stress and overwhelm were the same. It was simple time to go. I wanted to be completely out and I decided to use my blog to do it.

Blogging is something that I’d done since 2007. I enjoyed it. I’d made money from it and it was something I could do from anywhere. Then it clicked (after having a chat with my mother, of course). Start a business, a digital business, doing what I love, have it completely online, and begin to feel whole again once the overwhelm and stresses of education left. It worked.

I have to be very clear though as I get this question quite often, “Is a digital business a real business?”


Though powered by the internet, digital businesses must operate within the same standards as outlined by federal, state, and local governments. Therefore, your new digital business must be registered and pay respective taxes. Within Course Evolution, I take new digital business owners through the proper steps to set up their businesses, engage with potential clients, refine mindsets, create a course, and position themselves to earn.

5 Reasons You Should Start a Digital Business

  • can be operated from anywhere in the world as long as internet is available
  • location freedom
  • more time for yourself to improve self-care
  • more time for your family and friends
  • your ideas come to life which creates your personal legacy

Unlock your earning potential and take the steps towards clarity and ease with this free “Starting a Business” Guide. It’s a simple step-by-step guide that will highlight “the first” steps in creating your digital business.

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