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Copper Canyon Grill

By January 19, 2015March 10th, 2020Travel + Culture

Copper Canyon Grill


As you guys know from last week’s restaurant review that I trotted through DC over the summer…. well it’s just not last weeks post but a few posts in between but stick with me here… k… pretend like this is new information.

Not sure what trip my sister and I were on, but we were on a quest to try a new restaurant everyday. I guess she was excited to see me; yeah that and coupled with the fact that we just didn’t want to cook. So, restaurant trotting we did.

My sister introduced me to a cantina Copper Canyon Grill.

Copper Canyon Grill origins can be traced to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In 1999, the sister company Redrock Canyon Grill graced the food scene of OKC with its generous portions, innovative combinations, and friendly service.

The founding sentiments of friendly service is quite evident in the Silver Spring location. Each time that we visited, about four times within two weeks, the service was impeccable. The staff seemed genuinely pleasant and attentive.

A+ and this set the mood for grubbing on one than more occasion.


My southern roots wouldn’t allow me to deny the entree of Big Meatloaf Stack. Nope, it’s not the most glamorous ¬†or chic dish to order, but yes ma’am it was good. I’m pretty picky about meatloaf but this recipe hits the mark completely. The spices were generally balanced with a hint of prominence of green peppers. The gorgeous and fresh side of green beans were excellent. The slices of red pepper and red onions gave the normally boring side the perfect punch. Of course, meatloaf can’t be served without his side-piece, mashed potatoes.



Eastern Shore Crab Cakes

Oh yes! I only had a small bite of these because of the “seafood” family connection and my allergies. I’ve always been a fan of crab cakes and indulge moderately every so often. My sister enjoyed both the crab cakes and the “coleslaw”. The menu labeled the side coleslaw but it was more like corn salsa. Perhaps, I’m incorrect but yeah corn salsa is the new coleslaw.

On the subsequent visits we ordered the same, the Spinach Artichoke Dip (above) and during brunch we had the Breakfast Burrito and Crab Scrambled.





Copper Canyon Grill is a perfect location for a filling hearty meal. It also has a bustling happy hour scene with DC work-a-bees and social butterflies. Do visit during warmer months to catch a seat on the patio or in from of the opened windows.


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