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Why is Toronto Canada so boring?

By August 6, 2013March 29th, 2020Travel + Culture

My Instagram loves know that I recently completed a trip to Toronto, Canada and I can give a summation in one word: BORING.

My goodness, I don’t know if I was turned off by the aggressive border patrol or the striking similarities to any US City, but Toronto was just boring. Boring, in regards to Toronto, is defined as in not exciting, nothing unique, no stimulation, and very status quo.

Perhaps I’m a bit jaded because I’ve frolicked through Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Now, there are indeed things to do in Toronto and I engaged in activities but it felt no different than Chicago or San Diego.  I engaged in the city tour including a water tour of the harbor, took in a Blue Jays game, and indulged in home cooking that tickled my fancy (hence a 5 lb gain).





Overall, Toronto is not a bad city, just a boring one and one that didn’t do it for me. Visiting Toronto helped me meet a goal, I tasted Ice Wine for the first time, and I saw the gorgeous Niagara Falls.

I probably won’t ever visit Toronto again and can’t recommend this stop either. If you want to see Niagara Falls, fly into Buffalo, NY then cross into Canada. Don’t forget to visit the quaint town on the Canadian side called Niagara on the Lake.

Until next time….

Fall asleep because Toronto is so boring.



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