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Dining in Abu Dhabi: Leopold’s of London

By May 26, 2014March 12th, 2020Travel + Culture

Prior to dining, there was a huge anticipation to try Leopold’s of London Abu Dhabi. For weeks, we saw the development and construction of the restaurant in the Boutik Mall within Sun & Sky Towers on Al Reem Island. Because the new eatery was so airy and modern, Habibti and I placed it on our list of must tries in our area. So after an exhausting day, we went to Leopold’s of London for a late lunch one Tuesday afternoon.

Leopolds of London Abu Dhabi _Poised in Print 4

Because of the timing, we were greeted with prompt service and the remnants of lunch crowd, therefore Habibti and I sat at the front bistro bar and were able to do a little people watching while we waited for our order.

 Leopolds of London Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 3

Leopolds of London Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 4

Have you ever had food so good that it’s almost unbelievable?


Me too but Leopold’s of London wasn’t that place.

Habibti had the Twice cooked chicken with Moroccan tomato and chickpea ragout, mint, lemon, and garlic salsa. I had Lasagna of braised short ribs and Comte cheese.

Habibti’s left a very sad camper. He was so disappointed in his meal and I was sad for him. He’s a huge lover of chicken but after a few bites of chicken, he wasn’t sold. He stated that it lacked flavor, and it did because I tasted it, and after cutting further, we found undercooked chicken with lots of pink areas. After this discovery, he was finished. He may have poked around at the other parts for a little bit, but he was in full on pout mode by this time.

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The Lasagna of braised short ribs and Comte cheese was equally disappointing. It lacked flavor and was overall a sloppy meal. I tried to add salt and pepper for a little punch, but there was nothing that could have saved this dish after the fact. The flavors should have been added during the prep. The worst part was the overwhelming gummy cheese mixture. It too lacked flavor and the texture was extremely off-putting. While I think that short rib lasagna began as a work of creativity, it fell short miserably, the flavors weren’t there.

Leopolds of London _ Poised in Print 8

Typically, I am open to give restaurants a second trip, but it’s a no-go with Leopold’s of London. There are ton of negative reviews about the restaurant on Trip Advisor and all of my colleagues disliked it as well.

Leopolds of London Abu Dhabi _ Poised in Print 5

Two thumbs down and a rack of broken glasses for Leopold’s of London.

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