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Healthier Selections While Dining Out

By June 7, 2013March 30th, 2020Archives

Healthier Selections While Dining Out

Smoked Salmon Sandwich РColombiano Coffee House 
After last month’s medical scare, I am gradually including healthier selections into my total lifestyle. A huge part of my lifestyle is dining out. I love exploring new restaurants throughout the city. Dining out gives me an opportunity to connect with my friends or reconnect with Ash after a long day. As a southern girl with an affinity for fried foods, it is the first thing that I slashed from my diet. I won’t proclaim that I won’t ever eat a fried item again, but I won’t eat them daily. (insert will power here)
Omelet from Colombiano Coffee House
Because my cholesterol is a bit higher than desirable, I have to cut back on my beloved cheese and eggs. As a person who needs to maintain a lower carb lifestyle, I am on hunt of what I can do to replace eggs as a daily breakfast. Egg whites aren’t an option.


Incorporating more greens and salads is also on the agenda. Above is a mixed salad with turkey and grilled chicken.


Ok, Ceaser Salads are my absolute favorites. I know I have to cut back on the cheese and I will, so Ceaser Salad will be sporadic salad treat.
I will continue with lower carbs and lower fat with most importantly no daily fried meals.
Do you make healthy choices when dining out?

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