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By August 1, 2016April 20th, 2017Blog + Business

Do the work!

If you’re a blogger, small business owner, or budding entrepreneur, you’ve heard gurus give one proclamation for success as “do the work”. There are some who immediately understand what “do the work” means while others look and wait for further explanation. Most gurus and coaches rarely explain what this phrases means but repeatedly give life to it. Without further adieu, below is a quick and easy explanation the phrase and demystifies the entire concept.


  1. Define your business and products

Your business, its offerings, and products should be clearly defined. Unless you’re opening a Dollar Tree or Thrift Store, your potential customers should know exactly what’s going on when they land on your webpage, on your social media, or walk into your office. Guess work puts doubt in the minds of potential customers. Don’t get trapped into being the Jack of All Trades and the Master of None.

Do the work: Answer, I am __________________ and I do or offer _________________ in order to ____________.

Yes it should be that simple.

2.  Identify your target audience

Who are your customers? If you answered everyone, try again. Your business and product will not meet everyone’s needs. Who are you speaking too? Who would most benefit from the services that you’re offering? How will you solve their issues, concerns, or provide entertainment?

Do the work: Research where these people socialize, hangout, their spending habits, their entertainment needs. Understand what makes these people happy, frustrated, confused, and how can you solve those issues?

3.  Research others in your market

Why? Knowledge is power, that’s why. What are they doing that’s successful or not? How can you tweak those strategies to fit your business. The goal is to make it unique to you while meeting the standard need.

Do the work: Visit similar businesses with similar target markets. Note their branding, social media behavior, marketing, etc. Are you doing those things to reach your audience? Please note, though the markets are similar, do not go to their social media soliciting potential customers nor slick advertising. It’s tacky and you won’t win. Really you won’t.

4. Develop a marking plan

Just because you have an awesome website, fantastic products, and kick-ass services, doesn’t mean customers will fall from the heavens; it just doesn’t work that way.

Do the work: Establish your social media presence and develop strategies to get your business in front of customers. Refer to #2, find them, engage, and guide them to where you are. This step isn’t easy.

5.  Write it out

Do the work: In a concise format, note your target customer, the value you bring to them, the value that you bring to the industry, how to attract customers, how will you maintain these relationships, how will you generate revenue [important], what will it cost to start and maintain your business.

…and there you have it.

“Do the work” in five not so easy steps.

It’s defined for you and no longer a mystery.

You’re welcome.

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