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Let’s Go Downunder to Sydney Australia

By April 29, 2014March 20th, 2020Travel + Culture

Let’s Go Downunder to Sydney Australia

It’s been almost a month since I travelled to Australia and I’m still basking in the array of experiences.

Getting to Australia from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was fairly easy as we took a flight from Dubai. Flying out of Dubai is not my favorite thing to do, but I was going along with the group for this one. I typically avoid Dubai’s airport because it jams my nerves. It’s crowded, slow, crowded, bustling, crowded, too many people, and most of all, crowded. After we waded through the dense crowds, we waited a few with more crowds, then we were off to Brunei.

The total flight was about 17 hours which included a layover in Brunei.

We flew Royal Brunei Airlines. I was most pleased with the flight, customer service, and comfort of the plane with one exception, my neighbor had garlic gas. The first 7.5 hours of the flight were a challenge and pungent. Whew!

To Australia _ Poised in Print 

We arrived to Sydney’s International Airport midday via Melbourne (another story for another day). The weather was warm, sunny, and a breath of fresh air. I was more than ready to be out of the Middle East and into an environment that was similar to home.

Travel Sydney Australia 25

Travel Sydney Australia 24

We decided to take public transportation from the airport to our serviced apartment. One train ride was $16.40 (Australian Dollars). I’d heard that Australia was expensive but I didn’t expect a solid welcome like a $16.40 one way, one ride ticket. Needless to say, I batted an eye or two at the train attendant because she had to have meant that $16.40 for an all day pass. Umm, not.

When planning for our extended holiday, a hotel apartment or serviced apartment as they are called, was the better selection because of the length of stay and the desired privacy I needed because of group travel. Also, we figured that the amenities such a kitchen and washer/dryer would come in handy, and they did. My colleague found, Quest Hotel Apartments via a discount site. The apartments were located near city centre which made getting around exceptionally easy.

Travel Sydney Australia 26

After we got settled, showered, and a quick nap, we jetted into the city to see what Sydney had to offer.

Travel Sydney Australia 27


Travel Sydney Australia 28

Unfortunately, it started to rain and we were tired, so we ate at a restaurant near our apartment.

Travel Sydney Austrlia 28

The next day, we woke up bright and early. The first thing on the agenda was the Sydney Opera House. There’s no way in the world that I could travel “down under” and not see the Sydney Opera House.

We used the Hop On/Hop Off Tour Bus to explore the city and arrive at the Sydney Opera House location. Though there were many stops before the view of the century, I had only one goal for the day, seeing the legendary Sydney Opera House.

Travel Sydney Australia 29

Travel Sydney Australia 30

The building is such an iconic structure.

Sydney Opera House _ Poised in Print

We saw it peering through the tops of trees and over the hill as we approached the location. The Sydney Opera House is situated adjacent to the massive Sydney Harbour Bridge and at the end of Circular Quay (Key). The closer we drove to the tour stop, the anticipation grew; I couldn’t wait to exit the bus to begin snapping photos. The unique structure, designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, took 16 years to complete and is based off the mold of a sphere. It’s development was stalled service times due to design flaws and political strife. Ultimately, after more than a decade of battle and millions of dollars later, the Sydney Opera House opened October 20, 1973.

Sydney Opera House 3

Sydney Opera House 4

Sydney Opera House 2



The interior of the Sydney Opera House was just as impressive as the exterior.

Unfortunately, opera season had just ended and it was the beginning of ballet season. The program coordinator for the upcoming ballets did not allow photographs of the interior but photographs can be taken at other times. I did try to sneak a few photos but they turned out blurry so I won’t bore you with those.

We had an outstanding and quite knowledgeable tour guide who provided a wealth of knowledge regarding the politics and social presence of the Sydney Opera House.

We concluded the tour with a few souvenir purchases and a late lunch long Circular Quay.

Next week, I’ll try to compress the remainder of our time in Sydney.

It was a delightful experience and I hope to recapture it in photo and prose.

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