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European Tour; the Dutch Countryside

By July 28, 2014March 19th, 2020Travel + Culture

The Dutch Countryside

After the whirlwind of sensory excitement in Amsterdam, we headed for the Dutch Countryside.

On the day’s agenda was authentic cheese making and a legendary Dutch shoes factory. Before we made it to our destination, our tour guide gave us the ultimate treat, a stop at one of Holland’s iconic windmill homes. I can’t explain how stunning this stop was. It was exactly as I imagined a Dutch Countryside would be.

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2014-07-11 08.14.41


The skies were overcast with a light mist in the air. However, each moment on our brief stop was a variable of travel perfection.

We boarded the bus again then drove further into the Dutch Countryside to be met with views more picturesque than before.





I felt like I landed on the pages of a favorite childhood tale. The views were exceptionally rich, the air was crisp, and the unspoiled environment engaged us with its merit.

…and then there was the cheese and shoe making at the Clara Maria Cheese & Clog Farm.

Making Dutch Cheese _ Poised in Print


The taste of the all natural cheese was simply divine. It was creamy, smooth, and packed with flavor. The best part is that it does not have the extra additives like typical store bought cheese. The shelf life can be several years and it doesn’t need to be stored inside the refrigerator. I only purchased one block though. I wish I would have bought more. I know I am going to be a very sad camper when all of my cheese is gone.



Making Dutch Clogs _ Poised in Print

The shoe making demonstration was very informative. The presenter gave us a brief demo on how the shoes are made with the machine and also shared how some are made by hand. The handmade shoes take upwards of two weeks to complete. He noted that many shoes aren’t made by hand any longer because it’s just not practical or cost effective.

One lucky tour member had a chance to participate in the demo and even took a personal souvenir away with her name engraved.



The Clara Maria Cheese & Clog Farm is a bit outside of the city of Amsterdam, but it’s well worth the drive.

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