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Epitome of Luxury; Dinner at Shangrila Hotel

By September 8, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture



When your friend drops in from Saudi Arabia for her birthday, engaging in Abu Dhabi’s Luxury is a must. The birthday girl is no stranger to elegant experiences, she’s been in the gulf for almost a decade and has danced among the elite. So when she asked for the best of the best in Abu Dhabi with a variety exclusive pampering, Shangrila Abu Dhabi topped the list of places that exuded opulence.



After a full day of relaxation and revitalization at CHI Spa, the birthday girl worked up quite an appetite. So, she and two friends, (one being me) decided that a royal Arabian Feast fit the bill perfectly.

We decided on Sofra Bld

Sofra Bld offers intercontinental dining in an chic Arabian setting. The vast offerings are inspired by Moroccan, Arabian, Indian, and Europeans tastes then sealed with delightful decadence.




We were prepared to enjoy all that the restaurant had to offer. This was no occasion in which our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. Between the great spirits, hilarious conversation, and going down a newly paved memory lane, we were there almost four hours. There’s a lot of damage that can be done in that amount of time.



It’s hard to say which station was my favorite because I enjoyed them all. The grilled lamb was perfect as was the pasta, whipped potatoes, all of the treats from the Indian station, the risotto and of course the desserts. My friends enjoyed sushi, grilled chicken, grilled seafood selections, fresh guest-selected pasta, and host of salad selections.



You guys know that I’m not much of a dessert girl, but I did taste a few of the treats from the live station. Guests could order fresh crepes with the fillings of your choice; creme, fruits, caramel, and nearly 20 other flavors of sweet findings.

Dinner at Shangrila Hotels 2


Dinner at Shangrila Abu Dhabi


Afterwards, we enjoyed the gorgeous views from the interior and exterior of Sofra Bld.

If you’re looking a weekend of full opulence, Shangrila Abu Dhabi offers everything you could imagine; luxury, romance, tradition, and pampering.

The cost for three adults was approximately $250 (US Dollars).

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