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The Best Ethiopian Food in Abu Dhabi

By October 23, 2013July 21st, 2020Travel + Culture

The Best Ethiopian Food in Abu Dhabi

Ethiopian Food; every ethic foodies dream…
Once upon a time I had a tiny breakfast, no lunch, a cold cup of coffee, and….

a fantastic dinner at Bonna Anne Restaurants, one of the few Ethiopian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi.
In the wind, I heard the mention of a few Ethiopian spots in Dubai, but when the whisper noted there just may be an ethnic spoon in Abu Dhabi, I jumped all over it. With the help of a cousin-in-law, a few fights with the GPS, we arrived to Abu Dhabi’s own Bonna Anne Restaurant.
Bonna Anne is located within one of those neighbors behind the main drag that never properly identifies on GPS. You see, the UAE doesn’t have addresses, therefore, expats have lovely moments of time wasting, circling the globe to hunt for things. (ie. It’s across from that official building on 11 street, near Reem Island, and the Tourist Club Area. If you see the Baskin Robbins with the big sign, it’s opposite of it the front behind the 2nd building, it’s also near the Navy camp thing) < This is how you give directions here. Frustrating? Oh you think.
Nonetheless, we arrived, got a nice parking spot in front, and ran in like wild wildebeests, well I did anyway.


I was way starved by the time we arrived but I knew exactly what I wanted because Ethiopian food is one of my “ethic food” favorites. I would go to Meskeem quite often in Atlanta and one of the many great spots in Adams Morgan or U Street area in DC.
The items weren’t named the same but thank goodness for pictures and pointing or I would have been in a pickle.
Beef tips (center), collard greens, lamb with veggies, yellow lentils, red lentils, and another beef mix


Spicy dipping sauces


Fresh Salad


After I took a few obligatory shots of our food, I thought of Kita’s mention, “Struggle Food” on her Talk Tuesday post and LOL.
While the plate of food doesn’t look exactly appealing, it was more than delicious because I dug right in head first.
The great thing about Ethiopian food is that it is low in carbs (minus the Injera), and made fresh. Next time I will definitely eat less Injera and use a fork to keep the carbs at bay.
After about 5 weeks of bad luck on my Tuesday hump day meals, Bonna Anne was a hit and I am tickled.

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