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European Tour; Amsterdam

By July 24, 2014March 19th, 2020Travel + Culture


I was in the 2nd pick-up when our tour left London.

We immediately hit the road and headed for the English Channel.

European tour _ to Amersterdam _ Poised in Print 1

We, along with several hundred other passengers in various modes of transportation, including; tour buses, big rigs, private cars, and commercial vehicles loaded the massive ferry for an hour and half long float along the English Channel into France. I’ve been on a commuter ferry before, but this ferry was the ferry of all ferries. It was massive and rocked like the Titanic. Unfortunately, due to the set up, I couldn’t snag a proper photo of the vessel but trust me, it made the Titanic look like peanuts. We rocked and rolled for an hour and a half, drove through France and Belgium….

English Channel _ European Tour _ Poised in Print

…and then we made it to Amsterdam

Thank goodness.

… a sister was hot and tired.

and much ready to divorce the coach…

We checked into the 1st  hotel.


It was a standard 3 star Holiday Inn Express. It was an upgraded suite with the standard comforts and conveniences. Normally I shy away from international 3 star hotels but being that this was included in the package, it worked. Adding, I would be comfortable in this type of accommodation for a weekend somewhere. The upgrades put awesome touches on the room.




there was the city of Amsterdam

I fell in love with Amsterdam instantly. I’ve only meet its presence via the airport and that was plenty foreplay for me. Oh yes, Amsterdam baby, we are indeed one.

Expat Explore with Reginia Cordell


2014-07-10 20.30.41


Amsterdam _ European Tour _ Poised in Print

We arrived to Amsterdam after a few hiccups at the ferry port in Dover and several hours on the road into France. but But but, the wait was worth it, oh it was worth it. We quickly unloaded our bags, had a quick minute to freshen up, and we were whisked into the city for a relaxing cruise on the canal. I couldn’t have been happier. It was a splendid way to end the evening.  I wasn’t up for a walking tour at the point, so the breeze, a cool drink, and a bite to eat fit the bill perfectly.



At this point on our European journey, all of the passengers were aboard. We picked up seven additional passengers in Amsterdam to head into the unknown of what we called the European Jewel.



…back to dinner

I must admit the dinner wasn’t exactly my favorite. It was a mimic of New York Style pizza and drinks. It severed its purpose but didn’t get a gold star from me.  Perhaps, various finger foods would have complemented the mood. Eh, such is life.

2014-07-12 08.10.55


I believe the cruise lasted an hour or so. Thereafter, there was an optional tour of the famous Red Light District. I had every intention on going, but my throbbing toes demanded a rest and I obliged.

I hate a missed it though because the cheekiness of it all would have tickled me to no end.


..a bit of social media and “Mary Jane” for a few of the locals.

nothing says Amsterdam like a lingering smell of fresh greens and simmering pee from the canal.


that’s Amsterdam



but the urban cells within my bounty loved every minute of it.

Amsterdam my love, I will be back, again and again, and again


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