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Exposing Children to Travel

By July 31, 2014March 17th, 2020Travel + Culture

Summer vacation is a fun and relaxing time for both children and parents. Alarm clocks are disabled and a sigh of relief is among the morning sounds. Summer vacation is also a time in which families pack their bags and set out for the ultimate family vacation. For some, vacationing with children can be a taxing experience, but my friends Grace of Sandier Pastures and Danyelle of The Cubicle Chick often discuss the benefits of exposing children to travel.

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As a researcher and former classroom teacher, I understand the lifelong benefits of exposing children to travel.

1. Creating global awareness

Travel exposes children to other cultures including locales, people, traditions, and foods. Several research studies regarding student achievement identified cultural awareness as a variable for greater classroom performance and achievement on standardized tests.

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The impact on student achievement is; geographical awareness, knowledge of international traditions, and language development.

2. Social development

Children who are exposed to travel have an increased rate of social development. Children who are social aware have more confidence and reduced feelings of awkwardness in unfamiliar situations. During travel experiences, domestic or international, children have the opportunity to converse with peers outside of their normal play groups. Their travel peers are typically for other areas and bring a varied perspective to a common situation, travel.

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3. Lifelong Family Memories

One of the most memorable experiences from my childhood was our trip to Disney World. We flew Delta Airlines to Orlando, FL for one of the exhilarating times of our childhood. My sister and I loved our first experience on an airplane. We were tickled by our hotel stay, time by the pool, riding the people mover in Disney, and of course meeting Mickey Mouse. I couldn’t wait to return to school to write the infamous essay on “What did you do over spring break?” I was eager to share the pictures of Mickey and me. I loved seeing all of the other children, and hearing foreign accents for the first time. It was indeed one of the best childhood memories for all of us.


via @ My Take on Disney

Exposing children to travel offers a plethora of benefits. Traveling is personally rewarding and packed with a lifetime of memories.

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