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Facebook Hates Black People

By May 18, 2017August 14th, 2021Editor's Note

Facebook Hates Black People

… I’m sure of it.

Before any lends their, “How can a social media platform hate a race of people?”, it can Sherlock, it can.


Specifically, Facebook’s fragile white male employee populace or rumored outsourced staff, loathes, hates, and despises black people. It is evident in the manner in which the community’s terms and conditions are honored. Far too often, black users are exposed to racially charged posts and comments that attack our existence, being, history, and current experiences. These posts are reported time and again and met with the same response; thanks for reporting but it’s staying, so deal.

Yet, when a black person or non-white, utters anything contrary to “white is God” or “white is right” the post is removed and the user is issued a warning, “Facebook jail”, or banned.

For example, in response to the Ibn Ali Miller video and comments, that I initially saw on CNN International’s Facebook Newsfeed, I responded to the myriad of disrespectful comments that degraded Mr. Miller or scoffed at his assertion to mentor the teens instead of allowing them to fight.

I replied,

“White people have a hard time congratulating blacks or saying job well done”  

Shortly after, I was in Facebook Jail.

Facebook Jail meaning I was banned from accessing the platform for 48 hours for stating something that “went against community rules” and spreading “hate speech” among the Facebook Community.


You mean these rules:

Facebooks-terms-hate-speech..but are the same rules applied to statements like:



I think not.

These are a few of the calmer comments. The images and commentary are often specific and threatening.

Time and again, statements like the ones above are reported, allowed to state, and the person reporting is banned.


Who does Zuckerberg have manning this portion of the operation?

On Zuckerberg,

For a person who claims to be such a humanitarian, he certainly allows a wealth of inhumane images and commentary on what is so keenly aligned with him, Facebook.


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