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Fairmont Singapore

By March 2, 2015April 20th, 2017Travel + Culture


Staying at the Fairmont Singapore was one of the biggest highlights of my time in Singapore. The comforts of room 1806 coupled with the finest customer service made the stay exceptional.

I made my way to the Fairmont Singapore after a disaster at our AirBnB. As soon as I arrived, my weary spirit was soothed by the gracious management who greeted me by name as soon as I exited the taxi. I was escorted to the front desk and checked in within a few minutes. Because I arrived a few hours earlier than normal check in, I had a small wait in the gorgeous lobby and took in some people watching.

FairmontSingapore-hotelsinSingapore-poisedinprint-3Soon, I was given the OK to proceed to my room, 1806, north tower.



I’m familiar with the Fairmont brand but this was my first stay in one of the hotels. The decor at the Fairmont Singapore had touches of Asian design mixed with a modern presentation. Note the designs in the area rugs, the wall mounts, and accent furnishing.


As soon as I walked in the room, I felt comfortable.  There were comforts all over. First noted was the grand size of the room. The room was much larger than that cramped AirBnB that I left. I had a full desk for blogging, a large TV to help me relax after hours out, toiletries from Rose 31, a plush bed, a posh lounger, and the softest linens I’d slept on in a while.

I circled around the room for 30 minutes or better because I was so happy to be in normal digs. I could finally unpack, set my things up, and feel comforts of a true vacation. Comfort and travel are a team.


Then it was time to delve into the steam shower and test out the Rose 31 products. I couldn’t wait because that dreadful AirBnB was filled fleas or some time of gross allergen.


Though I rarely use robes, Habibti does, I can appreciate having them there.  I think I may have tried it on just for good measure but I forgot. I was extremely tired by that point. I just wanted to shower, a great meal, and plan for the remainder of my trip.



The shower boosted my spirits like no other. The water’s temperature was perfect, the water pressure was excellent, and those Rose 31 products smelled lovely. If you haven’t tried Rose 31, the shower gel, soap, body fragrance, and detergent are my picks. It’s a heavy scent while using it but the remaining fragrance is a mild blend of sandalwood and rose.

After my shower, it was time for a bit of relaxation, so room service it was. You can get a peek at the entree above. I had the beef lasagna, mozzarella sticks, and the perfect helping of New York Cheesecake.


My stay at Fairmont Singapore was exactly what my travel heart needed. I wish I could have started my trip with them. Whenever I’m in Singapore again, Fairmont Singapore will be at the top of the luxury accommodation list.

I think I’ll check out a few of their other digs across the world.

Fairmont Hotels are alright by me.

For a last minute booking via, the stay was $276 per night.

Have you ever frequented a Fairmont Hotel?

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