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Fatal Restaurant; Budapest, Hungary

By August 11, 2014March 11th, 2020Travel + Culture

You know that my fabulous time in Budapest had to be accompanied by great food.

…and great food it was, lots of it too.

After a whirlwind day of traveling, seeing the sites, trying to get laundry done, and nursing my swollen legs, a good meal was definitely needed.

…and it started with the longest trek for food ever. I felt like I was on an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Our tour guide was fantastic, and gorgeous too but his approximations for walking times, OMG.. ever so off, but I forgave him because he was charming and gorgeous.

…so I took a few snaps along the way

Budapest Hungary _ Poised in Print

We finally arrived after what seemed like years of walking and was greeted with a packed house with visions of massive culinary greatness.

Hungarian Soup _ Fatal Restaurant _ poised in print

Cream of chicken soup – rich and creamy

Fatal Restaurant _ Budapest _ Poised in Print 4


They accidentally delivered this meal; no complaints from us. I’m not quite sure of what it was, chicken or pork something with fried potatoes.

Fatal Restaurant Budapest _ Poised in Print 1


Hungarian Schnitzel

Hungarian Schnitzel Salad _ Poised in Print

Grilled Schnitzel Salad

Hungarian Dinner _ Budapest _ Poised in Print


Hungarian Dinner – Grilled chicken smothered with peaches and cheese; served with vegetable rice.

Interesting combination, but ever so tasty, well I didn’t eat the peaches.

Fatal Restaurants _ Budapest _ Poised in Print 6

and then there was dessert

lots of it

I shared of course.

then, a walk was needed

Things to do in Vienna _ Poised in Print 1

Fatal Restaurant

Food – * * * *

Atmosphere – * * * *

Service – * * *

Definitely recommend as a place to dine in Budapest.


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