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Fiat 500; My Review

By August 2, 2012April 2nd, 2020Archives

During the month of July, I was somewhat without a car. Actually, I was without my cars because I sold them because of the move. I thought I could do without transportation for a month because people go without cars all the time….well that didn’t turn out so great. I finally broke down after two weeks and rented a car. I went with Advantage Car Rental because they had cars for $8 a day.

For $8 a day, you’ll get this cute little Fiat.

The “Fiat 500” is absolutely adorable. It looks like a little toy. Surprisingly, it’s a bit roomy on the inside.
My 5’10, plus size frame was slightly snug but comfortable. The seats are OK but aren’t made for long distance driving. After driving from one side of Atlanta to the other, my legs were sore and my back hurt a bit. The passenger seat in the Fiat 500 doesn’t adjust the same as the drivers, so a few of my friends were uncomfortable during their ride. My mom said, “this feels like a high chair”. LOL… and it does in a way.


My greatest concern is the panel between the front and rear seats. The panel obstructs your view when attempting to change lanes. I had a few close calls. SCARY! The drivers side window is equipped with a secondary safety mirror but unless you’re use to using such thing, it serves very little purpose.
The controls are sleek and easy to use.


A bonus is that the Fiat 500 has the decent sound system. It’s outfitted with Bose Speakers which made tunes great.
Overall, the Fiat 500 is a fun little car. It’s cute, it gathers lots of attention, and is affordable. However, I probably wouldn’t suggest it because of the obstruction issue. Safety first and that’s one major safety hazard. I did well for $8 a day and a coupon code though.

This is NOT a sponsored post but it could be if you want to me test it again.

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